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Get wet in Cabarete. Pipeline & fly.

Cabarete is a place like no other!  It was born with the flow of Windsurfers coming here since the 80s… then came the kiteboarding, surfing, sailing and Stand Up Paddle soon joined the party.

The Water and Wind sports Mecca of the western hemisphere is known around the globe and highly regarded by those who seek a location with great weather conditions & a lot of wind, ample offerings and a lot of vibe!

Cabarete is located on the north shore of the Dominican Republic and is a melting pot that brings together athletes of all ages.  Some quick facts are:

windy days02
Windy days per Month
wind knots02
Average wind knots
air temperature02
28°C/ 82°F air temperature
water temperature02
27°C/ 80°F water temperature

The favorite W&W Sports of the area



The perfect wind and water conditions have made Cabarete the kitesurfing capital of the Caribbean. We have waves, flat water, strong wind, and light wind; all conditions any kite surfer could hope for.



Wind – The wind mainly blows from the east meaning its cross-onshore. This means it’s always easy to get back to the beach.



Fueled by the wind, wide safe expanses of water and easy access to shore will make sailors enjoy every moment they spend here.



Aside from the wind, surfing in Cabarete is just as popular as the wind sports. Warm waters, kind currents and good vibes creates an ideal spot for surfing.


Stand up paddle:

Paddleboarding is just one of the watersports you can take part in, so raise your paddles and tame the waves!



Where to Stay

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kite classes

Kiteboarding Schools

Cabarete offers a wide array of official Kiteboarding schools, with recognized Kite masters at the forefront.   Learn to kite in the best destination while you vacation: qualified instructors, optimal training and safe practices in a destination where the wind is always at your back!

International Tournaments

master of the ocean

Master of the Ocean

An exhibition full of energy takes place during this event, including in surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing and SUP.  These 4 sports are put to test when international athletes compete to win the Master of the Ocean title.

regatta tournament

Caribbean Laser Midwinter Regatta

This international tournament attracts the best sailors of the world to Cabarete. This midwinter regatta is organized by Carib Wind Cabarete.

dr open

D.R. Open Kiteboarding

This tournament is held by local kitesurfers, get ready to see the most exciting kitesurfing competition in Cabarete!  Different categories are offered: Freestyle, Slalom Race, Strapless, Freestyle Junior and Ladies category.