AMUSEMENT: Parades of the great Dominican Carnival

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Come and experience the Dominican Carnival, celebrated since 1520!

All through the island, the Carnival is a very popular celebration. There are 13 official parades and La Vega’s celebration has been proclaimed national folklore heritage.

The Dominican Carnival is an authentic expression of local folklore

Resulting from cultural syncretism, the parade includes fabulous costumes made by skillful artisans and by the Academy of Fine Arts.

The most famous character, in its many variations, is the Diablo Cojuelo, the limping devil: it is the grotesque representation of evil in a medieval version.

The celebrations take place throughout February. The major celebrations are held on Sunday in big cities. They are traditional parades representing a burst of colors, music and cheerfulness.

The closing parade is always held along Santo Domingo’s seafront on February 27th, the Dominican Independence Day: allegorical floats, dancers and musicians will create a unique and fascinating atmosphere!

This year the last parade will be held in Punta Cana on March 1st with Aruba, Curaçao, Haiti and Saint Martin’s delegations.

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