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This very special encounter can be experienced during two months in the Samaná peninsula. There are only 15,000 humpback whales left in the world; some take three months to reach the waters of the Dominican Republic.

We often talk about traveling for special experiences; being close to a whale weighing 30 to 50 tons is one of those. Really.

Could you tell how much your heart weighs? A humpback whale’s weighs around 350 pounds.  Their name comes from “with a hump” due to a prominence on their back that makes them very recognizable.

These mammals are incredible, they swim slowly but travel enormous distances: at the speed of 9 km / h they travel for three months in the ocean, 3,100 miles to give birth to their young in the waters of the Caribbean.

Gestation can last up to 12 months; meanwhile they swim, emitting sounds with which they communicate up to 100 miles away. Up to 16 meters long, and with a tail up to 4 meters wide, they swim in small schools like a family.  They swim for their entire life span, which can reach 50 years.

The puppies – small so to speak – take up to 100 liters of milk per day; mothers know that in the warm waters of Samaná they can find the food to produce it, something like 1.8 / 2.5 tons per day …

This type of humpback whale is stationed in the waters of Samaná from mid-January to mid-March and it is an exciting experience to admire them up close, with their slow and constant gait, the breaths that make the water splash in the air, the vaulting in which they exhibit, as if they did not weigh tens of tons.

Boat excursions are regulated by the Ministry of the Environment because it is estimated that there are only 15,000 specimens of this species left in the world.

The exciting encounter is consistent with the destination because Samaná is a precious naturalistic habitat, and can be done by staying at the Viva Wyndham V Samaná, a resort reserved for over 18 years of age and offered with an ultra all-inclusive formula.


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