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Swim at the Cenotes: an unforgettable experience

Freshwater mirrors immersed in the deep terrain of the primitive jungle: the Mayans considered them portals to the underworld where the gods lived, for this reason they lodged precious objects to ingratiate themselves with the rain gods. Today we can swim inside them, fully restoring body and soul.

In geological terms, these are sinks of karst origin dating back 5 million years: due to infiltration of rainwater, the limestone roof has “worn away and collapsed”.

The word “cenote” derives from the Mayan word “dzonot”: sacred water. At the time they were sources of supply; today, immersing oneself in these lagoons or underground tunnels is a mystical and unique experience. Refresh and rejuvenate all the while you obtain silky smooth skin

The highest concentration of cenotes is found in Yucatán and Quintana Roo. We provide you with some useful tips so that you can live this experience to the fullest while staying at Viva Wyndham Maya or Viva Wyndham Azteca.



16 km north of Tulum, two twin cenotes connected to the same cave, which, as its name implies, when seen from above, resemble “two eyes”. Its exploration began in 1986 and, by 2008, a 61 km long network had been unearthed! A cave system where, in some places, freshwater merges with sea water. The deepest spot is found in the Pit cenote at 118 meters. The crystal-clear waters of the cenote have a surprising purity thanks to the purifying action of the limestone. It is also ideal for snorkeling or cave diving at a temperature of 25 °.


Located along the Carretera Federal Libre Chetumal – Puerto Juárez, it affords an-eco-sustainable mode of tourism. While wearing life jackets, you will be able to walk and swim in caves where the water is never too steep. Light does not filter as much so it is not recommended for people who suffer from claustrophobia.


Located on the highway between Tulum and Cobá. We recommend arriving early in the morning to enjoy it in its entirety. These are two spectacular cavities connected by a cave, where it is possible to snorkel and dive among turtles and fish. Equipment may be rented on site.


In Cobá – Calle de Chan Chen – lie two little-visited cenotes, not far from the archaeological zone. Tamcach-Ha that has two, 5 and 10 meter, springboards, for unforgettable dives


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