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Be insatiable, be…a dreamer

Embodying Steve Jobs, we wonder how our proclivity to dream has changed in difficult times.

Do limitations and prohibitions eliminate our instinct to dream or rather strengthen it? Do we yearn to imagine ourselves in situations of levity and joy? Are we solely focused on our day-to-day concerns or are we open to receiving and accepting new encouragement?

We are fortunate to live in some of the most fascinating destinations in the world: the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Bahamas. Every day nature reminds us how beautiful life is.

We wish to share this beauty with you. We have begun to reopen our resorts and we hope that by the end of the year they will be ready to embrace all your dreams.

We will travel again, we will once again enrich our lives with new horizons, forge new relationships. You will once again discover exotic landscapes, taste new flavors, and let yourself be carried away.

We will once again get away from the dizzying pace of everyday life and finally feel free.

Being barefoot, without a watch, playing a new sport, dancing, and laughing. Lie in the sun and dive into the Caribbean Sea. Discover the archeology of the Riviera Maya. And dive into the “blue holes” of the Bahamas.

Be a dreamer.

The Dominican Republic will welcome you with the charm of Saona Island, Los Haitises National Park where the green hills rise from the crystal-clear water. With the El Limón and Damajagua waterfalls, the sugar cane plantations, and Santo Domingo’s Colonial Zone. With ordinary and sincere people, world-famous cocoa, excellent rum, and the sweetness of tropical fruit. With the rhythm of merengue, salsa and bachata that will accompany your adventures, the appetizers on the swings, the fiery sunsets.

Mexico will be waiting for you with Tulum, the only city that the Mayans built near the sea, with the grandeur and architectural genius of Chichén Itzá. With water parks where you can snorkel between the sea and the rivers, with incredible cenotes for swimming like nowhere else in the world. With its wonderful islands that you will reach with a catamaran, with the nightlife of Playa del Carmen, the irresistible flavor of guacamole, tacos, and margaritas. With turtles and pelicans, hats and hammocks, legends, and colors.

Grand Bahama will surprise you with its extensive, deserted beaches; the possibility of getting close to sharks; and its botanical gardens. With the calypso and the casinos, the factory where you can make your own perfume, the beach bars where you can taste the “conch” or lambí in a salad or, perhaps, fried. Diving in its blue holes or cosmopolitan ambience.

Forever be a dreamer.


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