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May 21, 2019

Seven Reasons to Plan a Bahamas Family Vacation with Your Teens

Keeping up with energetic teens when they have time off can be challenging. Instead of bickering about what to do, quench their thirst for adventure and fun. After all, don’t you have a desire to enjoy life, too? It’s time to have the time of your lives together! Discover seven reasons to plan a Bahamas family vacation with your teens.

Feel the Magic and Wonder

Break teens out of the same routine with a getaway at breathtaking Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach. White sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters sparkle with exciting possibilities. Watch your teens feel the magic and wonder that comes with an irresistible escape. Make memorable vacation moments everyone will talk about for years to come. Remember to capture some of those captivating Caribbean memories in photos, so you have something to look back on and smile about when you return home!

Get Close to Nature

The bustle of daily life makes people yearn for serenity and dream of heavenly surroundings. Get close to nature during a Bahamas family vacation at Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach. Find yourself surrounded by tropical beauty at one of the glorious Natural Parks and explore one of the largest coral reef systems on the globe. Bring binoculars during the hike to detect one or more of the 18 native bird species. During your stay, ask about the various exclusive excursions for a vibrant experience alongside the resort. Interact with the dolphins, go horseback riding along the coast, or take a wonder-filled tour in a glass bottom boat. The abundant sunshine is a perfect backdrop for natural family activities!

Be Beach Bums

Family members tend to go in different directions throughout the year, so come together with a vacation in the sunny Bahamas! You can be beach bums together and enjoy island time. Kick back with your toes in the sand while you soak up the sensational tropical vibe. Join a game of beach volleyball or dive into the warm water for the swim of a lifetime. Few things are better than a day at the beach in the Caribbean!

Enjoy Delectable Foods in Paradise

Vacations are an opportunity to try new foods and appreciate an assortment of cooking. At all-inclusive Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach, there’s always something delicious to eat. The resort has countless snacks and diverse buffets, so no one will ever go hungry. You can also sit down for a nice family meal while tasting some tantalizing treats. All teens need to do is bring a healthy appetite and pick their favorite foods. Mouthwatering options include tempting elements of Italian, Asian, and Caribbean cuisine with a dash of American flair. Plus, the beverages flow freely throughout your stay. Drink selections include water and soda for the teens and beer, wine, and cocktails for the adults. Don’t worry about carrying your wallets—all the meals and drinks are included in the price of your stay!

Stay and Play for Awhile

Sports at the resort give families a chance for some healthy competition and bonding. The opportunities for play are endless during your Bahamas family vacation. Choose from sporty family activities such as tennis, basketball, soccer, bicycling, ping pong, bow and arrow, and even the flying trapeze! Do you all prefer to make a big splash together? Try water polo, kayaking, paddle-boarding, diving, and water aerobics in the resort swimming pool. A family that works out together stays fit together. Visit the resort gym to fit an exhilarating workout into the day.

Soak Up a Sunset and After-Hours Fun

After a full day of exploring the Bahamas, soak up a majestic sunset over the glistening sea. Watch the sun slip away and feel the excitement of the Caribbean night take over. Listen to live music and dance on the beach under the moonlight. Stroll to the amphitheater to take in a live show, such as a comedy or musical. Watch a sporting event on a flat-screen television while everyone sips their favorite beverages and nibbles on snacks. Forget the clock and embrace these moments together as a family.

Memories That Make Everyone Smile

Families need to spend time together to enrich their relationships. One of the biggest reasons to take your teens on a Bahamas vacation is making magnificent memories. As children get older, they have less free time. Capture the opportunity today to create a memory that’s sure to make everyone smile tomorrow and ten years from now. Laugh together, play under the sun, and appreciate the joy of feeling happy together.

A Bahamas family vacation is the ideal way to escape the everyday routine for adventures everyone will love. Dive into a full range of unforgettable family activities, so there’s never a dull moment. Take the family on an all-inclusive Caribbean escape to action-packed Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach!