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Best Beaches in Mexico

September 27, 2018

Six Ways to Enjoy the Best Beaches in Mexico

Close your eyes and drift away to a mystical destination with ivory beaches, turquoise seas, and golden sunsets. Feel the ancient wonder of the Mayan Ruins. Run through lush forests and mangrove swamps. Feel the sensation of sand between your toes and the warmth of the sun overhead. Open your eyes and make it a reality at Viva Wyndham Maya in playful Playa del Carmen. Discover six wonderful ways to enjoy the best beaches in Mexico.
The Rhythm is Going to Get You

The rhythm of thousands of years of natural wonders is going to get you in Mexico. Let the beat of the waves envelop your body during a refreshing swim. Listen to the sounds of a live band while you lounge by the shore with a margarita. Get up and dance in the sand with your favorite partner until you both feel dizzy with glee. Laugh with the seabirds as the sun slips beyond the horizon. Watch the night come alive with energy and the beat of music from past generations. Party on the beach then settle into a cozy bed to rest until the sun comes up over the Caribbean sea. Escaping the seductive rhythm of the Mayan Riviera is impossible!

Feel Like a Kid and Have a Ball

One of the best aspects of a vacation is leaving work and a professional protocol behind. Instead of putting on airs, you can let your hair down and feel like a kid again. There’s no better place than the beach to celebrate the child within. Discover the pleasures of childhood at Viva Wyndham Resorts. Get buried in the sand with a straw for your belly button. Build sand castles to house all your dreams and fantasies. Dive into an animated game of beach volleyball with like-minded kids of all ages. Spike the ball, land on the sand, and laugh until your sides hurt. After the game, reward yourself with ice cream. Doesn’t it feel great to be a kid again?!

Sail Away and Find Tranquility

It is not too far from never-never land when you arrive at Viva Wyndham Maya. Pay homage to a sacred place where plants, flowers, and animals appreciate an endless paradise. Go sailing to view the Mayan Riviera with a fresh perspective. Feel the ocean breeze caress your hair as you glide through the water. Appreciate lush landscapes and majestic beaches from afar. Experience the tranquility that only exists as you sail quietly along the sea. If the wind is right, feel the total freedom of sailing away into serenity!

Stand Up to the Sea

Sometimes it takes effort to drag yourself away from the comfort of the beach, but it’s worth it. Find your unique balance and stand up to the see when you go paddleboarding. Experience the rush of surfing without riding the big waves. For most people, it only takes about an hour to get going on a paddleboard. Tackle small waves and feel like the daredevil you always wanted to be. Propel yourself forward into the mysterious magic of the Caribbean sea. Feel at one with the water and horizon as you paddle into the sunset!

Discover the Wonder of Windsurfing

If you enjoy the rush of sailing and paddleboarding, discover the wonder of windsurfing! It’s the ultimate hybrid of surfing and sailing. The concept of this exhilarating sport began hundreds of years ago. Windsurfing developed into the sport as we know today in the 1960s. Many types of windsurfing boards and styles exist. The first step is to find the right board and give it a try. Once the rider is balanced, the ride begins! Get the rush of the wind against your face during your adventurous beach getaway at Viva Wyndham Resorts.

Explore the Unknown in a Kayak

Row, row, row your boat into the unknown when you leave the beach to go kayaking in Mexico. Discover unusual spots you can’t reach on foot. Take a romantic kayaking trip with that special someone. Appreciate the ambiance that naturally exists along the alluring Mexican Riviera. Exercise your body while you put your mind at rest. The stresses of life on land melt away when you drift off in a kayak on the sea.

Even land lovers feel a sense of relaxation and joy when they try a variety of beach activities at Viva Wyndham Maya. Enjoy a carefree, all-inclusive experience with comfortable accommodations and proximity to some of the best beaches in Mexico. It’s time to leave the land to dance on the silky sands of Playa del Carmen!