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February 19, 2019

The Best Destination Weddings in the Caribbean Have These Seven Things in Common

Both of you love the sand, sea, and surf. Swimming, sailing, surfing, and sunbathing are your favorite pastimes. No discussion was required to decide the beach is a perfect place to tie the knot! And the most breathtaking beaches in the world are in the Caribbean. Learn about the seven qualities that will ensure your special day is one of the best destination weddings in the Caribbean.

Breathtaking Natural Surroundings

When you choose a destination with breathtaking natural surroundings, the native flora and fauna become the beautiful backdrop to your wedding photos and memories. Stay at a resort on the beach that puts you in the middle of all the beauty.

Nestled in a scenic setting with golden beaches, sparkling blue waters, and lush vegetation. Viva Resorts offers all-inclusive wedding packages in the most desirable waterfront locations including the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and the Bahamas.

A Dedicated Wedding Planner

You don’t have to be a socialite to get help from a dedicated wedding planner. At Viva Resorts, couples enjoy the assistance of an on-property wedding coordinator. The days of worrying about endless details are over! Put the planning the hands of an experienced professional.

From flowers for the bride and groom to cocktails at the reception, a wedding planner helps couples every step of the way. Enjoy music, wedding cake, and professional photography services without facing endless brochures and samples. All you need to do is arrive in paradise and be prepared to say, “I do!”

A Romantic Reception By the Sea

Are you planning an intimate wedding with a few special guests? Get ready for the good times that come with an all-inclusive wedding in the Caribbean. Share a delicious dinner with reservations at one of the inviting a la carte restaurants at Viva Resorts. Celebrate the day with a tasty wedding cake that serves 10.

Do you want to add more people to your guest list? Work with your wedding coordinator to plan the event of a lifetime. A preset menu is offered, so everyone knows what to expect. Whether it’s the two of you alone or you bring a crew of family and friends, the team at Viva Resorts strives to satisfy your wedding desires.

Complimentary Honeymoon Package

Couples who plan a wedding at Viva Resorts with a minimum three-night stay receive a complimentary honeymoon package. It’s the ideal way to congratulate the happy couple during their first moments as husband and wife.

Depending on your destination, an array of enticing goodies is provided to make your stay more special. Share a bottle of sparkling wine while you nibble on fresh fruit. Enjoy upgrades and discounts, based on availability. Bring home a photo souvenir you’ll both treasure forever.

Chic Accommodations with Style

Your honeymoon love nest should be welcoming and comfortable. Spend your first night together as a married couple in chic accommodations with style. Attractive décor and resort amenities ensure you enjoy these private moments together.

Choose a room that awakens your honeymoon senses. Share a space where you can relax and unwind after a day of fun in the sun and a night of partying. Want delicate sheets, a Jacuzzi tub, and access to an intimate beach? Or do you prefer a simple with idyllic surroundings? It’s your choice!

Daytime Adventures

A honeymoon is a carefree time to celebrate love, passion, and all the possibilities of the future. Add endless adventures to your to-do list during your stay at Viva Resorts. From diving lessons to windsurfing and kayaking, the world is your oyster!

Ready to head back to land? Take a yoga class on the beach or workout together at the fitness center. Dive into the pool for a swim, then dry off on a lounge chair while you sip hand-crafted cocktails. Feast on buffets, snacks, and meals whenever you feel hungry. Take a cooking or cocktail class to bring some of your favorite recipes back to your new marital home. The sky is the limit!

Scintillating Nightlife

After a day of unforgettable adventures, stroll along the beach hand-in-hand while you share a majestic sunset. Share an intimate dinner for two with culinary creations to tempt the most discerning diners. Once you feel energized, it’s time to party all night!

Dance at the disco to a mix of music that’s sure to get everyone moving. Enjoy live entertainment while you sip wine. Laugh, hug, and kiss the night away. Return to your room to snuggle up together and share private moments of marital bliss as you recall all the fun you already had!

Financial Freedom and Peace of Mind

The best destination weddings are all-inclusive, so you never have to worry about money along the way. Forget about bills and tipping. All you must do is pay then play for days in paradise for one predictable price. Eat, drink, and enjoy an array of activities without opening your wallets.

Enjoy financial freedom when you return home with no outstanding bills. It’s the perfect way to start married – no bills, no worries, and plenty of wonderful memories to talk about together!

Get ready for the destination wedding of a lifetime at Viva Resorts, where you’ll find these seven qualities and more. Embrace the ease and pleasure of a tropical wedding in paradise for one all-inclusive price!