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January 16, 2019

Five Outdoor Sports at the Best Family Resorts in Mexico

It’s easy to see why Mexico is a popular family vacation destination. Who can resist the beautiful beaches, cultural opportunities, and warm temperatures with the abundant sun? And access to all-inclusive resorts makes Mexico sound even better to budget-conscious parents. Discover five outdoor sports at the best family resorts in Mexico, and an array of family activities to make everyone happy!

Let’s Go to Great Heights Together

Located in mystical Playa del Carmen, Viva Wyndham Maya is an alluring oasis of wildlife. Its proximity to the Mayan Ruins, forests, beaches, and swamps open up countless opportunities for outdoor exploration. Take your sense of adventure a few notches higher during when you try the flying trapeze or go wall climbing. Either way, your feet will be off the ground! Go to great heights together and make memories you’ll brag about for years to come.

You don’t need to join the circus to fly through the air with he greatest of ease on a trapeze. Feel the exhilaration of flying through the air with a sense of total freedom and abandon. Are you ready to tackle another upward challenge together? Go wall climbing and add a bit of competition by seeing who can climb the farthest.


Kayaks have been a form of transportation and enjoyment since their original use in the Arctic thousands of years ago. A kayak resembles a canoe but the person riding it sits facing forward with his or her legs in front. A double bladed paddle is used to row the boat through tranquil waters. Kayaks come in a variety of sizes and materials. And all it takes is a short lesson to get started!

Without a motor or other noise, kayaks are a quiet way to explore the far corners of Mexico. Row to sleepy beaches, observe unusual flora and fauna and find a peaceful place for an afternoon picnic. See amazing areas that are difficult to reach by vehicle or on foot. Remember to bring a camera to capture these incredible vistas!


Want to feel the wind whip through your hair with the taste of saltwater on your lips? Windsurfing is the ultimate water sport to try with your family! Watch the soothing waters of the Caribbean Sea come alive when you go windsurfing at Viva Wyndham Azteca in the Mayan Riviera. Everyone is doing it, and you can, too!

Windsurfing is a hybrid of surfing and sailing. The culture borders between the rule-governed world of sailing and the laid-back vibe of surfing. No matter what your approach, riding the first wave is sure to be an experience nobody in the family will ever forget! Once you ride one, you’ll want to do it again and again.

Hit the Nets

Net sports are an ideal way to bring families together for some healthy competition. Kids of all ages appreciate an animated game of ping pong or tennis. Are you looking for an indoor option on a small scale? Get everyone to play ping-pong while you nibble on tasty snacks, and sip unlimited cool drinks. It’s a casual way to compete and have a great time.

Do you want to practice your backhand? Head to the tennis courts to play one of your favorite sports. Teach the kids what you know about tennis, then let them beat you – but only once. Then bring on your best, so they discover the depth of this Olympic sport that attracts players from every walk of life.

Dive Into Another World

Many people never get an opportunity to see the underwater world beyond documentary television shows. Mexico is a perfect place to try diving with the kids. Take a lesson at the resort to ensure everyone feels safe and confident. Then dive into the water to experience another world up-close in a way you never imagined possible!

Swim with the fish as the underwater plants sway with your movement. Watch the light glint into the surface of the water while you glide along under its surface. Dare to go a bit deeper to feel completely immersed in this quietly wild environment. Want to take it to the next level? Schedule optional scuba diving lessons to learn how to dive like the pros.

If these five aren’t enough, there are many more family activities at all-inclusive Viva Wyndham Resorts. Head to the gym to work up a sweat and stay fit. Try water aerobics for a workout nobody feels – until later. Grab a boogie board to catch the next wave. Join a game of beach volleyball. The fun begins at sunrise and continues long after sunset with dinner, dancing, and drinks. Schedule a getaway to one of the best family resorts in Mexico for the action-packed vacation you always wanted!