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Best Family Resorts in the Dominican Republic

March 27, 2019

Seven Activities at the Best Family Resorts in the Dominican Republic

Throughout the year, people rush in different directions to get things done. Family vacations bring everyone together to have fun. Get ready to make memories and take plenty of selfies of one-of-a-kind family activities during your great getaway!

Escaping to the Caribbean is like staying at a playground for kids of all ages. Discover seven activities everyone is sure to enjoy during your stay at all-inclusive Viva Resorts, one of the best family resorts in the Dominican Republic.


The Ultimate Day at the Pool

A day at the pool will never be the same after your family experiences an oceanfront oasis. Kick back with towel service and unlimited chilled drinks and snacks. There’s always something to quench thirst and satisfy a hunger pang while everyone splashes in the crystal-clear pool.

From swimming to diving lessons and more, there’s never a dull moment by the pool at Viva Resorts. There’s also a pool for kids to put them at ease in more shallow water – and give the parents peace of mind with a designated area for the littlest members of the family.


Kayaking the Caribbean

From the sedan or SUV to bikes, families use all types of transportation to get around. On a vacation, a kayak takes you to faraway corners only accessible by water. Discover how kayaking can be an excellent way to work together and explore the mysteries of the Caribbean.

Venture where hikers and bikers can’t go when you get into a kayak and take off into the welcoming waters of the Dominican Republic. View flora and fauna in their natural habitat as everyone watches wildlife pass by. Sharing nature-based adventures encourages children to have a lifelong interest in the world around them.


Dive into the Deep Water

The underwater world has been a source of wonder and discovery for centuries. Families can choose from several adventures at the best family resorts in the Dominican Republic. Snorkeling is a fantastic way for beginners to get familiar with diving underwater while they swim with a glimmering rainbow of fishes.

If everyone is ready to go deeper into the world of diving, lessons are available at Viva Resorts. Feel the exhilaration of scuba diving in the tropics, the ideal place to try this favorite sport. Dare to dive and take the family dream vacation to the next level!


Take a Hike

Camping, backpacking, and picnicking are all popular ways to spend a lazy family weekend during the spring or summer. Hiking becomes part of these outdoor adventures. Tackle unfamiliar terrain during an all-inclusive getaway at Viva Resorts, located in the most picturesque areas of the Dominican Republic.

Bring essential supplies and a camera to take lots of pictures of all the family activities. Soak up the sunshine, fresh air, and beauty that makes this country a favorite for nature lovers of all ages. Watch birds, listen to the waves lap the shore, and you feel the warmth of the Caribbean envelop everyone.


Challenge the Waves

Is your family a competitive bunch that can’t wait to take on a radical challenge? Head for the waves at the best family resorts in the Dominican Republic. The surf awaits newbies and seasoned surfers who can’t wait to ride!

Boogie boarding is a great way to get the kids out on the water. Take paddle boarding lessons to learn how to balance and glide through calm waters into scenic hideaways. Or get onto a surfboard and make the magic happen. It’s all waiting for your family to dive in at Viva Resorts!


Go Your Way

Togetherness is part of family vacations, but so is going your own way for a while. Parents get to rekindle their romance and share a quiet meal with wine. Young adults get to play games on the beach and party in the Caribbean their way. And there’s also a place for the kids to go!

Parents can opt for babysitting services or the Kids Club. Either way, the kids will have an excellent time in a safe environment. Crafts, socializing, snacks, and more are all part of a kids’ day while the older family members do their own thing. Then everyone meets again for dinner!


Feast Your Way Through Culinary Adventures

Meals are never a problem when families stay at Viva Resorts. If someone has dietary restrictions, let the staff know before arrival to ensure foods are available. And there a wide array of culinary creations to please the pickiest palates!

Watch the kids’ eyes light up at endless buffets with all their favorite foods and grab a snack whenever you feel hungry at one of the resort eateries. And the beverages flow freely so that everyone can stay hydrated throughout their adventures!

These are just a few of the countless family activities to appreciate during an all-inclusive stay at Viva Resorts. From toddlers to seniors, your clan is sure to discover the wonders of the Dominican Republic. And generations to come will love these vacation pictures set against the backdrop of the lush tropics.