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Discover the Natural Wonders of Sustainable Tourism in the Caribbean

October 25, 2019

Discover the Natural Wonders of Sustainable Tourism in the Caribbean

People are striving to protect the planet’s assets for future generations, and travel is no exception. With sustainable tourism, travel activities are thoughtfully planned to respect the world we live in. Discover the natural wonders of sustainable tourism in the Caribbean, including hiking and local kayaking.

Viva Life for Savvy Travelers

Savvy travelers who recognize the advantages of sustainable tourism choose Viva Resorts in the Dominican Republic. Viva Life represents Viva Wyndham Resorts’ commitment to protecting and caring for the environment. Management focuses on ways to preserve the planet and work with local communities near the resorts’ locations. All activities are regulated by certification companies based on international standards and regulations. Travelers have peace of mind during their stay knowing that while they are exploring a beautiful destination, they are respecting its culture, environment, and people.

Harmonious with Nature

Harmony with nature is at the forefront of sustainable tourism. Preventative measures reduce contamination, enabling tourists to appreciate the beauty of their surroundings without worrying about their impact. Developments are nestled into the natural area, offering an up-close view and experience of the Caribbean. Enjoy a hip resort surrounded by the earth-inspired experiences that travelers crave. Feel at one with nature during a great escape to Viva Resorts!

Keep It Simple

Sustainable activities include green solutions such as recycling, using energy-saving bulbs, providing information to guests, and cleaning the beaches to keep them beautiful for generations to come. Viva Resorts offers the beach vibe in desirable destinations such as the Bahamas, Dominican Republic and Mexico. Kick-off your shoes and become a beach lover.

Tap Into Local Culture

The local culture is an integral part of sustainable tourism. During a stay at Viva Resorts, all the guests are informed about cultural, recreational and sporting activities in the surrounding communities. Travelers can delve into an immersive travel experience, discovering an alluring array of Caribbean tastes, sounds, sights and aromas and interacting in an authentic way. Your senses will come alive during your stay in a tropical paradise!

The Magic of Mexico at Viva Wyndham Azteca

People travel from around the globe to experience the natural magic of Mexico at Viva Wyndham Azteca. Known as the mystical Mayan Riviera, the area is a sacred space filled with light and the tranquil Caribbean Sea. White, sandy beaches and massive jungles offer endless possibilities for exploration. Observe local wonders such as mangrove swamps and cenotes, which are freshwater sinkholes. It’s an ideal spot to take your take in the sun!

Land Adventures

Sustainable travel includes a variety of ways to get around by land and find out more about the Caribbean. Landlubbers can hike, bike, horseback ride or take a vehicle to reach the more enticing earthy sites on the globe. Dare to scale mountains, look out over waterfalls and admire coral reefs. Everything is right at your feet when you stay at all-inclusive Viva Resorts! When you’re done, satisfy your hunger and thirst at one of the resort eateries – and everything is included in the price you paid!

Scaling the Sea

Natural pleasures continue at sea with local kayaking, sailing, boogie boarding and paddle boarding. From windsurfing to rowing, there are endless opportunities to experience the pull of the sea. Navigate the Caribbean waters with nothing more than a simple watercraft and your own strength. Dare to explore the underwater realm by swimming, snorkeling and taking diving lessons. You’ll feel like a fish in the water when you know how to dive with confidence!

Appreciate the Unique Flora and Fauna

Viva Resorts offers a full range of experience of the premises for an additional cost. From whale watching to exploring ancient ruins, the sky is the limit when it comes to sustainable activities. Bring a camera to capture the unique flora and fauna of the Caribbean. You’ll want to remember these moments and return to recreate them!

Sustainable tourism benefits travelers, resort industry professionals, communities and the world. Natural resources are treated respectfully to keep them pristine for the future. At Viva Resorts, sustainable activities are a top priority. Conscientious travelers can enjoy their stay, knowing they are having a positive impact on the environment.