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Dominican Republic Fun Facts

August 15, 2019

Eight Fun Facts About the Dominican Republic hat Every Adult Traveler Should Know

The Dominican Republic has become a top travel destination in the Caribbean. It’s scenic surroundings, waterfront allure, and endless opportunities for fun make it perfect for vacationers of all ages. The Dominican culture and rich history are an integral part of everything that happens on the island. Discover eight fun facts about the Dominican Republic every adult traveler should know for a better getaway.

There are more than 26 golf courses in the Dominican Republic.

People from around the world head to the Dominican Republic to experience the greens. With over 26 golf courses throughout the island, there is a course to accommodate every skill level and preference. From panoramic views to world-class facilities, the most discerning golfers enjoy teeing off at these famous courses. Savvy travelers stay at V Collection resorts for all-inclusive accommodations in the heart of a golfer’s paradise.

The Dominican Republic is home to over 200 beaches.

The laid back pace at the beach makes it one of the first places people think of for a vacation. The Dominican Republic withover 200 beaches to choose from, there’s always a new place to explore. The soft sands and crystal-clear waters are idyllic for swimming, paddleboarding, kayaking, and an array of waterfront activities. Most of them are included in the price travelers pay when they stay at V Collection resorts! Plus, there is always the resort swimming pool where water lovers can swim, lounge, and nibble on snacks.

Cuisine in the Dominican Republic is a fusion of Spanish, Middle Eastern, and African flavors.

Playing golf and engaging in water sports makes you work up a healthy appetite! The delicious Dominican dishes will make your mouth water with anticipation. Dominican cuisine is a fusion of Spanish, Middle Eastern, and African flavors for a robust taste you won’t experience anywhere else on the globe. Sample a variety of authentic dishes during your stay at V Collection resorts while you appreciate friendly service in a beautiful setting.

With over 300 days of sunshine each year, the Dominican Republic is a sunny paradise for travelers.

Endless fun in the sun is what Caribbean vacations are all about! Dominican Republic never disappoints, with an average of 300 sunny days a year, the Dominican Republic never disappoints! Let the sun shed its warmth on all the memories you make in the Dominican Republic. Feast on local cuisine, go snorkeling with the fish and then bask in the sun to soak up some rays. The abundant sunshine will help to create the perfect backdrop!

From mid-January to mid-March, nature lovers can spot whales migrating.

One of the leading reasons people go on vacation in the winter is to escape the snow and cold weather. The Caribbean is the perfect place to warm up at the beach, banishing the thoughts of shoveling snow for dreams of spotting a whale. From mid-January to mid-March, the North American Humpback whales are migrating and can be seen near the Peninsula de Samaná. Nature enthusiasts can stay at Viva Wyndham V Samaná to be near all the action!

Dominican rum is renowned worldwide for its smoothness.

After a fun-filled day at the beach, people like to relax with a cocktail as they soak up a majestic Caribbean sunset. Dare to fit in with the locals by sipping on Dominican rum, world-renowned for its notable smoothness. Cool off with an icy mixed drink with rum, such as a rum and cola or piña colada. If you’re not a rum drinker, don’t worry! There are plenty of cocktail options during your all-inclusive stay at V Collection resorts.

The legal age to drink alcohol in the Dominican Republic is 18.

The Dominican Republic is known for being a family-oriented place where being together matters. Family vacations take on a whole new vibe when 18 is the legal age to drink alcohol. And while that might be the legal drinking age, party-lovers of all ages can sip their favorite libations throughout the day. The drinks keep flowing when you stay at all-inclusive V Collection resorts!

Merengue is considered the national dance of the Dominican Republic.

For many party-goers people, drinking and dancing go hand-in-hand. When the sun slips over the horizon, the pulsating nightlife takes over in the Dominican Republic. Try doing the merengue, the national dance of the Dominican Republic, show off your own moves while you laugh, drink and party until you say when! The party never ends at V Collection resorts jump in whenever you’re ready!

With these eight Dominican Republic fun facts, travelers are ready to make lasting memories at V Collection resorts! Leave the daily grind behind to embrace Dominican culture, cuisine, and adventure.