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Family Vacation Ideas

June 14, 2019

Enjoy Memorable Family Vacation Ideas On the Caribbean Seas

Pirates and fair maidens are eager to dive into unforgettable family vacation ideas on the Caribbean seas. The endless beaches and ocean make it a playground for imaginative kids of all ages. From kayaking to scuba lessons, the sky is the limit at Viva Resorts – which also includes a flying trapeze! Get ready to take playtime to an extreme during a fun-filled family getaway to Viva Resorts.

Sunshine and Sandcastles

Let the kids know the family is ready for days of sunshine and sandcastles! Show the kids the soaring seabirds over their heads and listen to their soulful songs. Then let loose like only the family can do! Kids love running along the shore with waves playfully lapping their toes – and grownups are welcome to join!

Join the Kid’s Club

Registration in the fun-filled Kid’s Club is free and part of the all-inclusive package at Viva Resorts. Gives the kids time to be themselves and make friends with children from around the world! A skilled team entertains kids from 4-12 with age-appropriate activities such as games, sports, crafts, ping pong, mini-disco, movies, Olympics, and a supervised kids pool. VIVITO, the unforgettable resort mascot, stops by to make the day more fun!

Head to the Swimming Pool

Enjoy a day at the pool without the work. With depths for all ages and skill levels, everyone can enjoy spending time at the pool. After playing water polo, unwind in a lounge chair with a beverage and snack. Appreciate outstanding service then consider where to spend the sun-drenched afternoon.

Run to the Shore

The lure of the shoreline is irresistible! Rush to the ocean with the warm sand underfoot and sunny skies overhead. Feel carefree with the wind rushing by and the taste of salt in the air. As the sand gets most then wet, dive into the sea to feel its natural pull. The celestial Caribbean beaches make everyone want to stay forever. After a refreshing swim, dry off then work up a sweat playing beach volleyball.

Sports of All Sorts

Sporty families appreciate an all-inclusive resort with a variety of athletic activities. After taking tennis lessons at home, the kids can practice the skills they learned during a family vacation. Soccer players will enjoy running across the fields and kicking the ball in a different environment. Challenge the kids to a game of ping pong or try the bow and arrow. From working out at the gym and playing basketball to flying on a trapeze, there are sports of all sorts at Viva Resorts!

Action On the Water

Leave land to experience water sports together during a family vacation in the Caribbean. Watersports are a favorite pastime in places such as the Bahamas, Dominican Republic, and Mexico. Each location has its selection of action-packed watersports. View the underwater world by snorkeling or taking scuba lessons. Feel the freedom of windsurfing or the tranquil escape of kayaking. These are the times to take plenty of pictures to remember forever!

Family-Friendly Feasts

With all this action, families are sure to get hungry along the way. At all-inclusive Viva Resorts, the meals, beverages, and cocktails are all included in the price. Stare in awe at a buffet with an array of mouthwatering choices or sit down to a traditional dinner with gourmet fare. Nibble on casual snacks on the way to the pool or beach. And parents who pay a fee for private babysitting can enjoy a few romantic minutes alone!

An Authentic Experience

Guided tours, boat trips, and other excursions give travelers a different view of top Caribbean destinations. Giving the family an authentic experience helps everyone learn about cultures firsthand. Sample the cuisine, touch the crafts, and soak up the local vibe. Let the helpful staff at Viva Resorts recommend age-appropriate activities. These memories last long after everyone gets home!

The Magic of Togetherness

One of the most appealing aspects of Viva Resorts is togetherness. Families spend time sharing activities they won’t experience anywhere else. From a hike into the mountains to snorkeling with the fishes, the magic is everywhere. Families capture this feeling, and it stays with them. A dream vacation makes everyone unwind and get to know each other again. Every day at home feels a little brighter after spending time in the warm Caribbean sun!

The best family vacation ideas start in the Caribbean at all-inclusive Viva Resorts. Hit the sand, catch a wave, and make memories the family will laugh about for years. Never worry about money and bills along the way with meals, beverages, and activities covered in one price. It’s the most carefree experience for an adventurous family!