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Fun Activities for Kids

July 18, 2019

Eight Fun Activities for Kids Only

A family vacation is a golden opportunity to reconnect with loved ones in a fresh and fun location. Taking time out refreshes everyone, but how can parents – and kids – get more time on their own? Part of the joy of getting away is getting a bit of independent time for age-appropriate fun. Discover eight fun activities for kids to keep them so happy they won’t even remember their parents are gone!

Supervised Fun at the Kid’s Club – Where International Friendships Are Born

Every kid wants to belong to an exclusive club, and it’s easy to do at Viva Resorts. Children from 4-12 are welcome to join our supervised Kid’s Club offering an amazing activities program. Parents get to spend time on their own while a dedicated team entertains the kids. Plus, children get to learn more about other cultures by mingling with kids from around the world. While mom and dad escape for a romantic seaside lunch, the kids will be making new friends! And best of all, the Kid’s Club is included in the all-inclusive price parents pay to stay at the resort!

Hit the Pool and Beach

A waterfront resort inspires kids to make a splash at the pool and beach. The sparkling waters make kids want to slip into their swimsuits and get wet! The supervised kids’ pool is a setting where the younger generation can have fun playing games and swimming. Then kids hit the sand to soak up the Caribbean sun while they play beach games. Surrounded by sand and sea, kids might even feel like pirates for a while as their imaginations run wild!

Explore Their Creative Side

The colorful artwork displayed on refrigerators around the country shows how proud parents are of their kids’ creations. At the Kid’s Club, little ones enjoy a variety of crafts to explore their creative side. Making something unique is fun and helps kids build self-esteem as they learn. Plus, their crafts become woven into the memories of a family vacation in the Caribbean – especially when their parents display them at home after the trip!

Get Your Groove On

Music brings people of all ages to their feet to feel the rhythm and express themselves. The mini-disco at the Kid’s Club has the lights, music, and excitement that make kids spring into action. The younger generation feels grown-up when they dance and mingle in their own disco – just like mom and dad. In the meantime, parents might decide to share a few cocktails and dance on the music to the sounds of tropical music. Everyone gets their groove on during a family vacation at Viva Resorts!

Let the Friendly Competition Begin

Games aren’t the same without some friendly competition. Children learn their capabilities and discover ways to improve their skills during competitive games at the Kids Club. Do you have a ping pong table in the basement at home? Kids can show off their skills during a ping pong tournament. Are the kids always being shuttled to sports practice? An Olympic-style event gives them a chance to shine. And the bottom line is winning or losing is less important than kids having the time of their lives!

A Day at the Movies

Few kids can resist a day at the movies. While the action-packed environment at the resort is irresistible, taking time out helps children learn to relax. Sitting back to watch a kid-friendly movie and nibble on snacks is the ultimate way to relax and escape for a couple of hours. And kids get to watch the films made just for them – without taking a vote! With all that going on – who even noticed their parents leave?!

Tropical Parties and Themed Celebrations – Just for Kids!

A tropical oasis isn’t complete with a vibrant party to bring old and new friends together. Kids can’t wait for a themed party uniquely reflecting their world. Kids’ club celebration keeps everything children want in mind – and allows them to cut loose in a supervised environment. It’s a party any parent can approve of – without any worries!

Meet Vivito – Viva Resort’s Mascot

Vivito is Viva Resort’s playful mascot who can’t want to join little ones in BIG activities! When kids meet Vivito, they can’t wait to see what comes next. Always ready to offer a helping hand, Vivito knows how to entertain kids for lasting memories they’ll talk about for years. Plus, kids can join the fun before they arrive by downloading these new Vivito games!

These eight fun activities for kids make it easy to slip away for some well-deserved adult moments. While the grown-ups dive into the opportunity, kids are having an unforgettable time – without the watchful eyes of their parents! Everyone feels carefree during an all-inclusive Caribbean getaway to Viva Resorts! And if fun-loving parents want more free time, private babysitting services are available for an additional cost.