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Fun Things To Do in the Bahamas

April 26, 2019

Ready to Relax? Ten Calm Yet Fun Things to Do in The Bahamas

Beautiful Bahamas beaches beckon travelers to arrive at their shores and unwind. The warm sand, sparkling water, and natural wonders make it an ideal setting for relaxation. Are you ready to escape the daily routine and relax for a while? Take in the scenery during local kayaking. Lounge by the pool with a sizzling novel and a refreshing drink. Discover ten calm yet fun things to do in the Bahamas!

Stroll Along the Rolling Shore

The rolling shoreline is perfect for strolling along and listening to seabirds calling and waves lapping. Every step brings you further into an alluring oasis of soft sands, clear waters, and endless sunshine. There’s no clock and no destination, just the joy of being. Take your time during a relaxing escape to Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach!

Explore Natural Wonders in a Kayak

Go local kayaking to row away from the hustle and bustle of land life for a couple of hours. Explore natural wonders that are only accessible by a quiet boat. Discover the lush landscapes and colorful ocean ecosystems as you glide by in a kayak. Stop to take in all the details. Capture a few photos to treasure the moment for a long time to come.

Soak Up the Sultry Sun

Grab some sunscreen and head to one of the most fantastic beaches in the world at Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach. Slip on some sunglasses then lay back on a lounge chair and oak up the sun as you cultivate a deep Caribbean tan. Let the warmth envelop you while you take a catnap to prepare for the scintillating nightlife ahead!

Lounge Around by the Pool

All you need is a swimsuit and a smile to appreciate the welcoming freshwater pool. Dive into the well-maintained water for a refreshing swim. Dry off on a lounge chair with a soft towel then let the sun’s rays do the rest! And hunger pangs are no problem with plenty of snacks and cocktails available for the asking.

Slide into the Depths of the Underwater World

If swimming is an ultimate form of relaxation, take it further with an introductory diving lesson. From novice divers to experienced ones, Viva Resorts offers lessons and diving opportunities for all levels. Whisk yourself away into an amazingly peaceful underwater world filled with native plants and colorful fishes.

Browse Vibrant Local Shops

Browsing the eclectic local shops is one of the most fun things to do in the Bahamas. Discover uniquely handcrafted items at the marketplace so you can bring home a bit of the Bahamian culture. Shop until you drop at the mall, straw market, and several stands that sell souvenirs to share with your favorite people back home.

Catch a Sensational Sunset

After a day of swimming, sunning, and unwinding, remember to catch a sensational seaside sunset. Watch the golden sun slip away against a backdrop of blue skies and sparkling water. As the last rays shine, feel the night vibe in the Bahamas take over with the possibility of dining, dancing, and drinks under the stars.

Graze Buffets and Enjoy Fine Dining

With four restaurants at the resort, there’s always something delicious to eat. Graze buffets, sampling a wide variety of different dishes. Enjoy fine dining with outstanding service, unlimited wine, and mouthwatering meal options. Or stop by for casual eats on the way to another adventure – it’s all about doing it your way at Viva Resorts!

Sway to the Upbeat Live Music

The sound of Caribbean music brings people to their feet and makes them want to dance! Sway to live local music while you join the endless party already in progress in Grand Bahama. From bands by the beach to a live performance at the resort theater, there are countless opportunities to appreciate fabulous entertainment.

Sit and Sip – Unlimited Drinks

If you love to relax with a glass of wine, cold beer or icy cocktail, a resort in The Bahamas is the perfect place to do it! Sit back and keep sipping until you say when. At all-inclusive resorts, everything you drink is covered. Forget about carrying wallets and paying a bill. Discover what it feels like to be carefree while you sip drinks at your favorite time of day or night.

There are plenty of relaxing yet fun things to do in the Bahamas at Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach. Slip away from shore in a kayak, admire a sunset while you sip cocktails, and sway to the sounds of a live band at the beach. Everything is easy-going in the laid-back Bahamas! And with all-inclusive pricing, all you need to do is pay and play in the tropical sun.