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Great Vacation Spots for Families With Preschoolers

January 27, 2020

Great Vacation Spots for Families With Preschoolers

Family vacations are an excellent opportunity to explore new adventures and places with your kids. Great vacation spots for families with preschoolers include plenty of fun family activities to keep everyone happy. Discover some of the best places to bring little ones for the time of their lives!

Dancing Through the Dominican Republic

The delightful Dominican Republic is a perfect place for families with children. Escape to a breathtaking Caribbean destination surrounded by natural beauty. Visit National Parks, go bird watching and show the kids the wonders of a world outside their own. Spend long days by the shore, building sandcastles and teaching the kids how to swim. Adventures await you in a land where friendly faces and sunshine are the norms!

Appreciate an array of activities by land or sea. Search for seashells, rocks, and leaves then create seaside art together. Make a splash at the swimming pool then feast on a variety of snacks with refreshing drinks for kids of every age. Try native cuisine for dinner, explaining the culture and foods to your kids while you eat. There are endless opportunities to learn and have a good time during a family vacation in the Dominican Republic!

Making Magic in Mexico

The magical history of Mexico has lured curious travelers for thousands of years. The Mayan Ruins, golden shores, and abundant sunshine make this one of the most exciting destinations for families. Bring your preschoolers back in time during a trip to Mexico, sharing lessons about history and culture along the way. Take plenty of pictures to treasure for years to come and remember the fantastic sites you visited together.

Mexico is also known for its partying vibe, and the whole family can join in the fun. Let the tropical music take over while you dance, sing, and laugh by the beach. Dive into the water to cool off then have frosty drinks by the shore. Go kayaking to make discoveries about the fascinating sites around you in Mexico.

Beautiful Moments in the Bahamas

Families from around the country travel to the Bahamas for endless fun in the sun. The beautiful surroundings are an ideal setting for natural adventures. Rowing, swimming, diving, and laughing are all part of a family getaway to Viva Wyndham Resorts in the Bahamas. From hip accommodations to kid-friendly cuisine, everything you need for a good time is right at your fingertips.

If you want to go beyond the resort amenities, plan guided excursions to visit the fantastic flora and fauna in the Bahamas. The kids will be amazed by the rugged terrain and sparkling waters that surround them as they explore this breathtaking island.

Carefree Days At All-Inclusive Resorts

Whether families decide to stay in the Bahama, Mexico, or the Dominican Republic, it makes sense to choose an all-inclusive resort. Trying to count money and keep up with credit card bills during a family vacation is nearly impossible. Feel completely carefree during your stay, knowing everything your family wants to eat, drink, and do at the resort is already covered. Having this peace of mind about money during a family getaway is priceless!

Plus, the Kids’ Club and babysitting services give parents a golden opportunity to spend some time alone during their Caribbean vacation. Kids enjoy activities and socialization at the Kids’ Club while parents go windsurfing, taking diving lessons, or share a romantic lunch. After hours, parents can secure optional babysitting services, so they enjoy the exciting live entertainment and scintillating nightlife at Viva Resorts.

Tips for Fun Family Vacations

Preparing the kids for a family vacation helps make the experience easier and more enjoyable. Explain the trip to the kids and let them know where you are going. Show them photos of the venue and make them feel comfortable about traveling. Book everything ahead of time to eliminate guesswork along the way. Smart planning and budgeting ensure a positive experience for everyone.

Pack light and include swimsuits and water shoes for the crew. Talk to the pediatrician about any concerns before leaving for the Caribbean. And feel reassured knowing everything your family needs is waiting at an all-inclusive resort!

Some of the best vacation spots for families with preschoolers are in the Caribbean. Beaches, waterfront activities, and kid-friendly meals make Viva Wyndham Resorts the ultimate destination for parents and kids. With endless opportunities for adventure, you’ll never hear the kids are bored during an action-packed getaway to Viva Wyndham Resorts!