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How to Have Fun in the Sun During Caribbean Winter Family Vacations

October 25, 2019

Have Fun in the Sun During Caribbean Winter Family Vacations

With the short days of fall and the shorter, colder days of winter, there is no better time to head to the warmth of the Caribbean. Family activities are better when you enjoy them together at the beach! When the sun’s warmth starts to become a distant memory during the cooler months, book a sunny escape for the entire family to a faraway beach. Discover how to have the most fun in the sun during all-inclusive winter family vacations

A Day at the Beach

When you stay at Viva Resorts, the beach is right outside your front door, so everyone can just step outside and let the natural vibe takeover! The kids will love swimming, boogie boarding and building sandcastles. From sunup to sundown, it’s all about carefree enjoyment for everyone!

Splashing at the Swimming Pool

Asides from a day at the beach, kids can’t resist making a splash at the pool. Nothing is more refreshing in the heat than a cooling dip in the resort pool. Parents can kick back in a lounge chair, sipping icy drinks while the kids have a blast in the pool. From Marco Polo to diving lessons, there is something for water-loving kids of all ages at Viva Resorts!

Let the Wind Whip Through Your Hair

The power of the wind can create electricity and movement. The best way to teach kids lessons about wind power is to have them experience it for themselves! Windsurfing provides a bird’s eye view of the sea, sand and landscapes that are sure to give the kids a rush. They’ll learn about wind and adventure when you all try windsurfing together.

All Aboard

The winter snow feels a million miles away when everyone gets ready to catch a Caribbean wave! Try surfing for a total rush or boogie boarding to get the kids started. Paddle boarding is the ultimate test of balance as you glide through the peaceful water, observing the beauty of nature around you. Show the kids what real-life adventures are

By the Beautiful Sea

Play pirates as a family as you hail the high seas to explore new realms. Test your endurance in a kayak or catamaran while you row around to discover rare wonders found by the sea. Get washed ashore and feel the warm sand caress the soles of your feet while you soak up the native flora and fauna. Remember to sing seafaring songs together when you row back to the resort!

Say, Love

Tennis lessons keep kids fit while doing an activity they enjoy. Say love and hit the tennis courts during your stay at all-inclusive Viva Resorts. Are your kids involved in other sports? Encourage their interest in fitness and fun during your visit. Shoot a few hoops, play soccer, and see who can win an animated game of ping pong. There’s always something sporty to do in the Caribbean!

Take a Hike – Live the Adventure

Family camp trips and scouting give kids exposure to outdoor living and hiking. Live the adventure when you stay in breathtaking destinations such as the Dominican Republic, Mexico and the Bahamas. Delve into the unknown, exploring the land and shoreline for new sights. Bring binoculars to focus on distant seabirds and a camera to bring home the memories.

Dive with Tropical Fishes

Kids can’t resist discovering everything for themselves. Bring textbook lessons to life when you go snorkeling with tropical fish. The kids will be thrilled to see the world from another perspective. Quiet and colorful surroundings are sure to be unforgettable. Someday, you may all return for more advanced diving lessons at Viva Resorts!

Feast All Day and Night

There’s no shortage of sustenance during your stay at all-inclusive Viva Resorts, as all meals and drinks included in your visit. Our chefs can please the pickiest palates and make accommodations for dietary restrictions – just let us know about any food allergies or other dietary restrictions in advance. Everyone can eat what they like, with snacks, meals, buffets, and unlimited beverages and cocktails all day and night.

Start planning your winter family vacation to the Caribbean now! Get ready for exciting family activities and the most fun under the sun at any of our family-friendly Viva Resorts!