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Kitesurfing Lessons Cabarete Beach

February 19, 2019

Took Kitesurfing Lessons at Cabarete Beach? Come Back for Master of the Ocean!

Did you take kitesurfing lessons at Cabarete Beach? Remember the exhilaration of gliding through the water with the wind whipping through your hair? It’s time for another Dominican Republic vacation to experience the thrill of professional kitesurfing at Master of the Ocean!

What is the Master of the Ocean?

After the excitement of a new year subsides, the best athletes come from around the globe to compete in Cabarete’s Master of the Ocean typically held in February. Master of the Ocean is the most important international water sports championship in the world. Four disciplines are represented, including surfing, kitesurfing, stand up paddle board (SUP), and windsurfing.  Nothing heats up the winter more than some healthy athletic competition!

Master of the Ocean is the most important international water sports championship in the world. Four disciplines are represented, including surfing, kitesurfing, stand up paddle board (SUP), and windsurfing.

Spectators on the beach admire the feats of these amazing athletes as they all strive to be winners and take home the trophy.  And 2019the 15th year water sports enthusiasts gathered at Cabarete Beach for this incredible show.

What Happens at Master of the Ocean?

Cabarete Beach is a center for extreme water sports and the people who can’t get enough of them. While it feels a million miles away from the pace of daily life, Cabarete is just 20 minutes away from the Puerto Plata International Airport.

Master of the Ocean is typically held in February. For six days, people gather to watch, compete, and party in an action-packed atmosphere. Men and women use the wave, wind, and their abilities to become the next Master of the Ocean!

People hang out at the beach all day and into the evening as they soak up the waterfront vibe. From breakfast to happy hour and beyond, there’s always something fun to see and do at Master of the Ocean.

Where Can I Stay During Master of the Ocean?

Viva Wyndham Tangerine is conveniently located in the heart of Cabarete. You can be in the center of all the action during Master of the Ocean. Plus, you are surrounding by breathtaking oceanfront views with access to an array of irresistible pubs and bistros.

For many water enthusiasts, the passion for kitesurfing begins at Viva Resorts. The kitesurfing lessons at Cabarete Beach inspire budding athletes to take their skills to the next level. Who knows if you could be the next Master of the Ocean?

Even if you’re not competing, it’s fascinating to watch the athletes conquer the wind and water to become champions. And if you’ve never tried kitesurfing before, Viva Resorts will help you to embark on a journey of discovery and adventure!

Why Choose Viva Resorts?

Access to kitesurfing lessons at Cabarete Beach is just one of the many activities offered at Viva Resorts. An array of waterfront pleasures await the discerning travelers who want to have maximum fun without breaking the bank.

Viva Resorts is the only all-inclusive hotel located in Cabarete. Pay to play before you arrive for your Dominican Republic vacation. The cost of accommodations, activities, meals, and cocktails is covered in one easy-going price.

Enjoy a completely carefree experience as you eat, drink, and play under the sun at Viva Wyndham Tangerine Hotel. Dive into the waterfront wonders during your stay at one of the most impressive beaches in the world. And make sure to schedule your visit during Master of the Ocean!

What Else Can I Do At Cabarete Beach?

There’s always something unforgettable to do during an all-inclusive escape to world-famous Cabarete. Soak up the tantalizing tropical environment on a captivating crescent-shaped beach with golden sand and sparkling waters.

Experience a variety of waterfront activities, such as windsurfing, swimming, kayaking, diving, and more. Jump into a game of beach volleyball or have an animated ping pong match while you sip hand-crafted cocktails.

Ready to relax? Kick back by the pool or catch a few rays at the beach while you watch the waves. Enjoy a mouthwatering meal at one of the premium resort restaurants. Appreciate a majestic sunset then feel the vibrant nightlife take over with a wealth of fun-loving possibilities.

Can We Bring the Family, Too?

From little ones to seniors, there’s something for everyone at Viva Wyndham Tangerine Hotel. Want to spend some adult time on your own? You don’t have to leave the kids at home. Let them have the time of their lives at the Kid’s Club.

The children participate in kids-only activities with kid-friendly meals. While the kids are making memories, the adults are, too. Take a few hours to try action-packed watersports, sip a few cocktails, and walk along the shore as you listen to the seabirds.

After dark, the good times continue for everyone. Share a delicious dinner with choices to please even the pickiest palates. Visit the theater, go to a beach party, and watch the little ones get their groove on at the mini-disco for kids!

If you have never taken kitesurfing lessons at Cabarete Beach, there’s no time like the present to try it! And why not schedule your stay during the world-famous Master of the Ocean show? Discover the real meaning of freedom at all-inclusive Viva Resorts!