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Learn To Scuba Dive

June 14, 2019

Looking for Adventures With Friends? Learn to Scuba Dive in the Caribbean!

Many people find comfort and security in their daily routines. Even for those who are content, a break in the routine sounds like a welcome change. Looking for adventures with friends? Learn to scuba dive, go windsurfing, and get an adrenaline rush in the Caribbean!

Dive Right Into the Action

The delightful Dominican Republic is the perfect destination for adventure seekers. Discover a wealth of opportunities for fun in the Caribbean. Love to watch underwater documentaries? Create the experience in real life by taking scuba lessons or snorkeling. Learn how to stay underwater long enough to assimilate with the fishes. And an underwater camera is a must-have item to capture the experience!

Get Ready for More

Friends who want non-stop good times in the Caribbean should look no further than adults-only V Collection resorts. Kick back in hip accommodations with all the amenities to be comfortable in paradise. Choose from a variety of all-inclusive activities, so there’s never a dull moment during the stay. After working up a hunger and thirst, take advantage of endless buffets, gourmet restaurants, and drinks that flow until you say when!

Asana In the Dominican Republic

When people think of adventure, it often includes action-packed activities. Dare to take a journey of self-exploration by taking yoga classes at the resort. Regain balance, stretch muscles, and get a sense of peace in paradise. Leave stress and fear behind to feel ready to embark on any of the exciting possibilities at V Collection resorts.

Feel the Power of the Wind

Balanced and fearless, it’s now time to feel the power of the wind. Go windsurfing for the ultimate rush nobody will ever forget. A hybrid between surfing and sailing, windsurfing is a whole new way to experience the ocean. Leave the safe sands behind to sail the high seas with little more than a sail, board, and plenty of courage. Feel the wind whip by as the board cuts through the Caribbean water. It’s an exhilarating and empowering experience for everyone!

Boogie Boarding Like a Kid

Anyone who went to the beach as a child remembers building sand castles, swimming for hours, and riding on a boogie board. Bring back those happy feelings by riding a boogie board in the Caribbean. It’s the ultimate way to recreate the good times of yesteryear. Grab a board and run to the waves to take a ride like no other – after all, everyone is in the Dominican Republic now!

The Peaceful Pull of Paddleboarding

Seaside observers watch paddleboarders glide by peacefully, standing and paddling along the ocean. It takes practice and focus to achieve this state of quiet control over the board and water. After falling a few times, everyone will start to stand upright – and that’s when the fun begins. Once someone masters the sport, paddleboarding becomes addictive. You may never want to leave the water!

Explore the World in a Kayak

A quiet kayak offers the ultimate opportunity for adventure. Dare to row where no man or woman seems to have rowed before. Find remote corners of the Caribbean where flora and fauna thrive in their natural habitat. Breathe deeply and listen to the sound of birds and wildlife in the distance. Inhale the fragrant aroma of tropical flowers. It’s easy to get lost in time when you escape the din of the non-stop party by the shore.

Engage in Friendly Competition

After learning to scuba dive and mastering new watersports, fall back on the tried and true. Engage in some friendly competition during a basketball game, beach volleyball, and billiards. Hit the green for a game of golf and find out who’s the best golfer in the group. Adventures never end during an all-inclusive getaway to V Collection resorts!

Where’s the Party?

Nobody has to look for the party at adults-only V Collection Resorts! Join a party that’s always in progress with unlimited wine, beer, and cocktails. Master mixoologists create intoxicating concoctions to keep everyone coming back for more. Dance, laugh, and party on the beach until the sun slips beyond the horizon and the moonlight takes over. It’s a tropical party like no other you’ve ever seen before!

Bring the Flavor Home

Don’t want to leave the Caribbean vibe behind? Dare to take cooking and mixology classes to bring the irresistible flavors home! Learn how to cook the best recipes and cocktails from your stay. Then serve them at the next party at home, so everyone remembers their adults-only escape to vibrant V Collection resorts!

Friends looking for action will have endless fun at Viva Collection resorts! Soak up the beauty of the Bahamas while you learn to scuba dive, go windsurfing, try paddleboarding, and party all night. Make magical memories you’ll all talk about for a lifetime.