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June 14, 2019

Single Again? Six Great Reasons To Party On the Beach With Your Friends

Relationships are challenging, and sometimes, people decide to move on separately. Being single means having more time to spend on friends, hobbies, and traveling. Bring it all together with these six great reasons to party on the beach with your friends – and celebrate the freedom of being single again!

Unwind and Have Good Times

Breakups are tough, and nobody wants to sit around thinking about them. Instead of hiding at home, it’s the perfect time to unwind and have a good time with friends. Book a trip to adults-only V Collection resorts in the decadent Dominican Republic and let the fun begin!

There’s always something to see, do, and laugh about during an all-inclusive vacation. Never worry about money or bills with everything you want to eat, drink, and do at the resort covered in one price. Simply stay and play in paradise, with everything right at your fingertips. Pampering yourself is the ultimate way to get over a breakup and feel ready to move forward with life on your own.

Reconnect With Yourself and Others

Long-term relationships often mean losing time with friends and loved ones. After months or years of dedication to one person, it’s time to expand your social circle. A Caribbean escape is the perfect way to reconnect with yourself and others to remember all the beautiful people who care.

Plan a day at the spa for healing treatments that bring a sense of peace and beauty. Regain balance at a beach yoga or Pilates class. Meditate on the beach while the waves lap the shore, and the seabirds call overhead. It’s a fantastic opportunity to let go and live again!

Learn Something New and Exciting

Doing the same thing for years becomes dull and predictable. Shake up the usual routine by planning a friends-only getaway to the Caribbean. Take this golden opportunity to learn something new and exciting to bring a new skill or idea home.

Are you enjoying the delicious dishes served with style at the restaurant? Take a cooking class to learn to recreate them in your kitchen. Do you long for another tropical cocktail like the ones served at the disco last night? Attend a mixology class at the resort to become the best bartender at parties. Or go off the beaten track on one of the paid excursions to explore the culture and natural surroundings in the breathtaking Dominican Republic. It’s all about the journey!

Get Into the Action

The days of surfing the television on the sofa are over – it’s time to get into the action! There’s always something exciting to do and see at V Collection resorts, the ultimate place for watersports. Try kayaking, canoeing, windsurfing, paddleboarding, snorkeling, and more. Discover your strength as you harness the power of the sea to explore its width and depth.

Ready to get back to land? There’s plenty of action there, too, with endless sports. Join an animated game of sand volleyball already in progress. Hit the greens to play golf or head to the tennis courts to practice your backhand. By land or sea, there are plenty of opportunities to get your game on in the Dominican Republic!

Soak Up the Captivating Caribbean Vibe

Take a deep breath, let go of the past, and let the captivating Caribbean vibe envelop you and engulf your senses. Taste the salt on your lips after an exhilarating swim at the beach. Feel the warmth of soft sand underfoot during a sunset stroll. Inhale the intoxicating aroma of sand and surf mingling with local flora and fauna. Let the peaceful feeling take over!

With all the stress behind you, get ready to embrace the joy of being in the delightful Dominican Republic. Sway to the sounds of a live tropical band with a pina colada in-hand. Kick back on a lounge chair by the pool after a refreshing dip. Feast on mouthwatering cuisine served throughout the day and night. Enjoy friendly service and people that make the stay even more satisfying.

Party All Night and Start All Over Again

One of the best reasons to head to the Dominican Republic with your friends is partying all night! Shamelessly dance, drink, and sing off-key at the resort nightclub. Take in a live show, such as a comedy skit to make everyone laugh until their sides hurt. Escape to the beach for a quiet cocktail under the moonlight. Watch the stars twinkle over the sparkling sea, and feel a million miles away from the everyday pressures.

From a quiet glass of wine at the lounge to socializing all night with attractive new friends, there are unlimited opportunities for fun. Party until you say when then recuperate in your comfortable room until breakfast is served – then start all over again! After all, it’s your celebration of single life.

Leave the negativity behind and dive into the positive vibes of V Collection resorts. Grab your friends and have the time of your lives with plenty of action-packed opportunities to celebrate the single life. Party on the beach knowing freedom never felt so sweet!