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August 15, 2019

Sand, Surf and Sun: Seafaring Riviera Maya Excursions for Everyone

For centuries, the allure of the beach has brought people from around the world to the seashore. With that in mind, the white sands and turquoise waters of Mexico are a water lover’s dream come true. Hear the birds calling and waves lapping the shore – the sounds of paradise. Discover adventurous ways to soak up the joy of sand, surf, and sun during an excursion at Riviera Maya.

Absorb the Awesome Surroundings

It’s impossible to resist the welcoming environment upon arrival. Heavenly beaches are nestled among ancient Mayan ruins and breathtaking coral reefs. The picturesque vistas coupled with the exhilarating vibe set the tone for new experiences. And at all-inclusive Viva Wyndham resorts, everything you eat, drink, and do at the resorts is included with your stay. Leave your wallet and worries behind and open up your mind to paradise for every member of the family!

Head to the Beach

The ultimate reason for a waterfront vacation being able to enjoy the beach! Take a leisurely walk along the shore or dive into the sea and let the salty water envelop you with its warmth. After your time at the beach, take a moment to consider all of the other the other nautical possibilities. There are countless ways to appreciate the sand, sun, and surf!

Grab a Boogie Board

Kids of all ages cannot resist the chance to grab a boogie board and ride the waves. Others like to swim out on a board, where they can experience the rare peace of being away from the shore. However you like to board, head into the water and let the rush of another wave propel you into exhilaration!


Want to take boarding to a whole new level? Try paddleboarding, a fantastic way to enjoy the beauty around you. It requires balance and determination to stand up on the paddleboard. But once you have mastered it, the rest is easy! Just glide out into the water for a carefree experience that will be etched in your memory forever.

Row Your Boat

Kayaking is an incredible way to reach remote corners of the shoreline. Bird watchers and nature lovers will enjoy the opportunity to see these places up-close. Row along the shore, taking in all the sights until you find a place to stop and relax for a bit. After all, there’s no hurry during your escape to mystical Maya! There’s plenty to see in this age-old city filled with wonders of the past and present.

Sail Into the Distance

Settle in on a sailboat for a serene sail and feel the wind through your hair and against your skin. Take a deep breath and bring a camera to capture all the panoramic views.

Take an Introductory Diving Lesson

After you go out on the sea, it’s natural to want to explore life beneath the surface. The sparkling waters hide another world of plants and fishes, unlike anything found on land. An introductory diving lesson is the first step to taking this great plunge. Learn the right way to dive, then get ready for the time of your life! Few experiences are more exciting than discovering a whole new experience.

Get It Over the Net

When you’re ready to get your feet back on the ground, it’s time to hit the sand for a fun-filled game of volleyball. Whether you get the ball over the net or land it in the sand, everyone has a great time playing volleyball at the beach. Joining a game already in progress is a wonderful way to make new friends!

Discover Water Aerobics

Running, biking and other activities on land can put stress on your joints. The ultimate way to workout without feeling the pressure is taking a water aerobics class. Leave the steps, sneakers, and other equipment behind. All you need is the resistance of the water for a fantastic workout!

Riviera Maya excursions offer something for everyone in the family. From a day at the beach to sailing into the sunset, Viva Wyndham Mexico resorts are the ultimate place for seafaring people to have the time of their lives. All-inclusive pricing means everything you want to eat, drink, and do at the resort is covered – no wallet required!