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July 18, 2019

Sand, Surf and Sun: Seafaring Riviera Maya Excursions for Everyone

No matter where you’re from, the beach is a perfect way to escape your usual routine. Leave it all behind and hit the sand, surf, and sun during seafaring Riviera Maya excursions for everyone! All-inclusive Mexico resorts are the idyllic oasis for travelers dreaming of a Caribbean getaway by the sea.

Soak Up the Seduction of a Caribbean Oasis

Nestled near the Mayan Ruins, Viva Wyndham Maya offers panoramic views while travelers nestle their toes into white sand and turquoise waters. Explore the wonders of a Mexico resort situated in beautiful Playa del Carmen, such as cenotes (freshwater sinkholes) and mangrove swamps. Appreciate the idyllic outdoor scenery under the warm sun at a resort brimming with life, energy, and magic. And capture photos to help you remember spending time in paradise!

Discover Natural Wonders Under the Sun

Viva Wyndham Azteca is tucked away near the northwest coastline of the Yucatán Peninsula. Imagine the possibilities with Mayan Ruins, colossal jungles, cenotes, and mangrove swaps a few steps away. The abundant golden sun shines down on the beauty of life in Playa del Carmen, known as a mecca for wildlife. Let the peacefulness envelop you as you slide your toes into the lapping waves at the shoreline.

Introduction to Diving

Take an introductory driving lesson during an all-inclusive stay at Mexico resorts. Learn the right way to put on gear, dive into the water, and spend some time safely underwater. Imagine sharing the quiet underwater world with a school of brilliantly colored fishes! Almost anything is possible during a diving expedition in mystical Mexico.

Sail the High Seas

Tales of great captains and sailors inspire dreams of all ages to sail the high seas. Being near the water is the first step to bringing these stories to life. And few things are more alluring than gliding along in the sea on a sailboat. Make this nautical dream a reality during one of the most seafaring Riviera Maya excursions available at all-inclusive resorts. Put on your captain’s hat and get ready for the ride of your life!

Drift Away to a Remote Spot in Paradise

Do you long to get away from everyone and everything for a while? The sleek design and small size of a kayak make it ideal for exploring remote corners of paradise. Discover flora, fauna, and wildlife nobody else will see – unless they dare to veer off course from the resort. Kick back in a kayak and see how far you can row!

Catch the Wind and Wave

Get ready to experience the ultimate hybrid of surfing and sailing when you go windsurfing in Mexico. Catch the wind, ride a wave, and feel your heart skip a beat with the exhilaration of taking it to the limit. Feel the power of the natural elements as you harness them with little more than a board, sail, and plenty of courage. Mastering this feat is sure to create seafaring memories to share and treasure for years to come!

Get Up and Boogie

Climb onto a boogieboard to tackle the next wave! Harness the power of the tide to carry you up and down over the waves, tasting the salt on your lips as you prepare for the next ride. And if you fall, pick yourself up and keep going – practice makes nearly perfect!

Dive into the Depths

Sparkling swimming pools and crystal-clear waters lure water enthusiasts into their depths. Dive into the water for a refreshing swim, come up for air, then do it again. Want to try something different in the pool? Inquire about water aerobics class to exercise without sweating in the heat. When you get tired, kick back by the pool or beach while nibbling on a snack and sipping a cold drink. Are you ready to take the plunge?!

Simply Be

One of the rare pleasures of Riviera Maya excursions is the ability to simply be, without worrying about clocks or schedules. Let the pressures of daily life slip away while you soak up the golden sun and listen to seabirds calling overhead. Close your eyes while you slide your toes into the warm sand. Then breathe deeply to remember all the sounds, sights, scents, and sensations of paradise – and bring those magical memories home!

Scintillating seaside Riviera Maya excursions appeal to nature-lovers and adventure-seekers of all ages. The timeless call of the sand, sea, and surf bring savvy travelers to these shores time and again. Choose all-inclusive Mexico resorts for all the pleasures of paradise for one predictable price – then never open your wallet again!