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March 27, 2019

How to Earn Your Scuba Diving Certification During a Family Vacation

A family vacation gives everyone a golden opportunity to unwind and be themselves. Nobody must watch the clock, dress up or do anything they don’t want to during a Caribbean escape. And it’s also a chance to delve into your hobbies with total enthusiasm.

The Bahamas, Dominican Republic, and Mexico are all ideal locations for diving enthusiasts. During your next stay at Viva Resorts, take this hobby to the next level by earning your scuba diving certification. Show the kids how it’s done and give them a goal to pursue the future!


Show Don’t Tell

When it comes to teaching kids, it helps to show them rather than tell them. From eating balanced meals to exercising regularly, kids learn what they live. During a family vacation, be an example of how to learn and have fun at every stage of your life! Viva Resorts provides the perfect setting for living, laughing, and learning at any age.

And scuba diving is an excellent way to encourage children to exercise, challenge themselves, and discover the world around them. From their first swimming lesson to snorkeling and scuba diving, kids will build confidence and a love for the water during these activities. And then everyone is ready to take it a few steps further!


What Is Scuba Diving Certification?

Celebrate your passion for diving during a family stay at Viva Wyndham Resort, where you can earn your PADI open water scuba diving certification. Go beyond having fun into the serious exhilaration of underwater expeditions in international waters. The captivating Caribbean seas are always awaiting your arrival!

An open water diver (OWD) is an entry-level diver certification for recreational scuba diving. The most well-known agency issuing this level of scuba diving certification is PADI. Divers take a course to learn theory and development through practical training in confined and open water. After completing the course, a diver can dive in the open water to a limited depth. It’s the start of exploring a whole new world in paradise!


Get to Know the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI)

The OWD certification at Viva Resorts is issued by PADI, the Professional Association of Diving Instructors. PADI courses range from entry level to advanced, and all these certification levels are available during your family vacation at Viva Wyndham Resort! Every property has a PADI 5 Star team to guide divers throughout the steps.

A professional diver helps you learn how to do it right! Courses continue for up to three days, depending on the level and course content. Upon completion of the courses, divers can dive at a depth of up to 60 feet. Show off your accomplishment to the kids and celebrate with a delicious family dinner at one of the resort restaurants!


Put Safety First

Parents who make the effort to earn a diving certification show they put safety first in their lives. Talking about safety matters more when parents show they really care about it. When you put in the effort to earn a diving certification, you are not just opening a new world for yourself, but you are putting your safety first. Knowing the right way to delve into the depths of the ocean requires experience, skill, and practice. And expert instructors offer customized packages to meet the unique needs of each diver.

With a professional instructor to help, divers can head out to sea for the saltwater experience of a lifetime. Best of all, knowing how to dive ensures the highest level of safety when divers hit the Caribbean ocean.


Try Something Exciting and New

Prove to the kids you’re never too old to try something exciting and new. Vacations give you a chance to leave the responsibilities of daily life behind to embrace unforgettable adventures in a new place. Submerge yourself in a new world of underwater wonders! Swim with dolphins, explore coral reefs, and dare to dive your way through the most delightful destinations in the world.

Your enthusiasm is sure to be contagious as the kids ask questions about aquatic life and water sports. Answer their questions, show them how to swim and snorkel, and let their sense of wonder fuel your own. Sharing one-of-a-kind destinations and experiences are what make family vacations memorable for the rest of your lives!

White sands and sparkling Caribbean seas await you during a family vacation at welcoming Viva Wyndham resorts. Earn your scuba diving certification while you share your passion for water, wonder, and good times during your stay. Let everyone get their feet wet together!