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Ten Advantages of Solo Vacations in the Dominican Republic

October 25, 2019

Ten Advantages of Solo Vacations in the Dominican Republic

Solo vacations are a self-indulgent experiences focused on personal gratification. At V Collection all-inclusive resorts in the Dominican Republic, there are countless entertainment opportunities for single travelers. From joining a beach party already in progress to paddle boarding into the sunrise, there are innumerable advantages of going solo in the Caribbean.

Set Your Schedule

Traveling solo means setting your own schedule or throwing away the itinerary altogether. Instead of watching the clock, you can live by your beat and unwind for a few days. Leave alarms and agendas behind during a solo trip. Take time to breathe, explore your surroundings and let life unfold naturally. You’ll be amazed at what you can discover!

Friendly Vibe

During solo vacations, travelers often want to meet new people. At V Collection resorts, the friendly vibe envelops you upon arrival with a welcoming cocktail. Smiling faces and endless opportunities for fun create the perfect setting for solo travelers to mingle without feeling self-conscious. You can make acquaintances that could last a lifetime.

All-Inclusive Amenities

Security can be a concern for people who travel alone. Instead of worrying about losing money, opt for an all-inclusive trip to the Dominican Republic. During an all-inclusive escape, everything you decide to do, eat, and drink at the resort is covered with your stay. Leave your wallet behind and get ready for good times!

Sample Buffets and More

As solo travelers become comfortable with their surroundings, they may want to grab a simple bite to eat. Sample buffets and feast on endless snacks during your adults-only stay at V Collection resorts. Never get hungry with a variety of tasty options to consider any time of the day or night.

Kick Back Near the Pool

Take time out to kick back by the crystal-clear swimming pool. Relax on a lounge chair while you let all the stresses of life leave your body. Dive into the water for a refreshing swim and grab a warm towel to dry off. Want to take poolside pleasure to the next level? Sip on a cold cocktail while you contemplate Caribbean life.

A Day at the Beach

Nothing is more enjoyable than a day on a tropical beach. Feel the silky sands caress the soles of your feet as you stroll to the shore. Watch waves lap against the shoreline, with a mist of salt on your lips as you enter the water. Try swimming, snorkeling, boogie boarding and more to feel the real power of the Caribbean sea.

Kayaking and More in the Caribbean

Watersports are the ultimate pastime at Caribbean resorts, where people can’t wait to try new adventures. Go kayaking to experience the quieter side of the Dominican Republic. From swimming with rainbow fish to sailing the high seas, it’s all about hitting the water!

Pampering Spa Experience

Few settings are more relaxing than a natural spa with calm music and relaxed lighting — schedule one or more treatments meant to offer optimum well-being and beauty. From a facial to a massage and pedicure, spa treatments are always good for the body and soul! Feel a million miles away from daily pressures during a resort spa experience in the Caribbean.

An Array of Dining Options

Feast on a variety of cuisine at one of the inviting resort restaurants. Choose from continental, local, Asian, Italian and other popular dining favorites. Whether you want a casual meal or candlelight dinner with a delightful new friend, there’s the perfect dining option for everyone during an all-inclusive vacation at V Collection resorts. Plus, there are never any kids running around to interrupt your meal!

Scintillating Nightlife

After a majestic seaside sunset, the night comes alive with passion and possibilities. Let the nightlife take over with pulsating rhythms, mouthwatering cocktails, and plenty of party-minded people. Whenever you’re ready to have a great time, jump into the action! Sip on Caribbean cocktails, sway to live music and dance with attractive strangers until the brink of sunrise, thip room and get ready for another day of fun!

Make the most of solo vacations by booking an all-inclusive escape to V Collection resorts, the quintessential playground for adults. Hang out at a beach party, swim with the fish, and party all night with new friends during a solo getaway to the delightful Dominican Republic. Never worry about money along the way, knowing everything you want to do is already covered in one simple price with your stay!