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Ten International Travel Tips for Your First Solo Vacation in the Caribbean

January 27, 2020

Ten International Travel Tips for Your First Solo Vacation in the Caribbean

Traveling alone offers an incredible sense of freedom as you explore the world your way. Maintaining personal safety and having fun are top priorities during your independent escape. Keep in mind these ten international travel tips for your first solo vacation in the Caribbean at an all-inclusive beachfront resort.

Choose an All-Inclusive Caribbean Resort

Viva Wyndham all-inclusive resorts offer all the heavenly pleasures of the Caribbean for one easy-going price. Solo travelers feel reassured knowing they have all their meals, cocktails, and activities at the resort covered before they get there. Forget about searching for money to pay a gratuity or cover a bill. 

Book Reservations and Travel Before You Go

A solo traveler who looks lost and has no direction could become a target in a strange place. Book reservations for accommodations and travel before you go on vacation. Map out destinations ahead of time to stay on track and find the safest routes. Feel more confident in a new venue by mapping out the journey and being aware of the travel options along the way.

Pack the Essentials

It can be tempting to pack extras to travel to a Caribbean destination. Pack light and remember That anything else you may need will be available at the resort. Only take the necessities and live with a sense of freedom during your stay. Remember, there’s a carefree lifestyle at Caribbean resorts, and that’s part of the joy!

Keep Track of Insurance and Valuables

Insurance, identification, and valuables should all be safely packed and carried on your person during travel. Keep track of essential paperwork and inquire about getting a safe deposit box to ensure everything is there when needed. Try to have critical documents at your fingertips to avoid fumbling and waiting.

Maintain Contact with Someone at Home

Traveling alone can be wonderful, but it makes sense to protect yourself. Agree to maintain contact with someone at home throughout the trip. Have a time to check-in and decide when it would be appropriate to take some action if you lost touch. Solo travelers can relax knowing their whereabouts are known, and someone is making sure they are alright.

Check Schedules and Locations Ahead of Time

Few things are more disappointing than planning a trip or excursion to a place that no longer exists. Check schedules and locations before booking anything. Work with the professional team at the resort to plan unforgettable tours to the most amazing places in the Caribbean. 

Do Your Research

Details matter when you plan a vacation, so do your research. Find out if you need a passport and other documents. Verify how you will get to and from the airport. Look into cultural practices and proper attire. Before leaving, be aware of local scams and which areas solo travelers should avoid. Discover neighborhoods and areas where you can safely enjoy yourself. 

Embrace the Freedom

One of the most notable benefits of traveling alone is the freedom. A solo traveler can go anywhere and do all types of activities. There are endless opportunities for people to socialize along the way if they want to connect with others on vacation. Solo vacationers often make new friends who share their passion for travel!

Learn Something New and Exciting

Traveling alone allows you to focus on learning something new and exciting during your stay. Take diving lessons or a cooking class, then show off what you know when you return home. Spending time in a faraway place opens your mind to unusual experiences and opportunities you might otherwise miss. 

Plan Social Excursions

There’s never a dull moment during an all-inclusive vacation at Viva Wyndham Resorts. Try a variety of waterfront activities such as kayaking, windsurfing, diving, and more. Plan to go on social excursions, take in a live show, and party after dark with craft cocktails served by master mixers. Solo travelers have the option of being on their own or joining the party already in progress!

Whether you are a first-timer or a seasoned solo traveler, all-inclusive Viva Wyndham Resort is the perfect place to stay! Friendly faces welcome solo travelers with a cocktail then help them make the most of their stay in paradise. Bask on the best Caribbean beaches on the globe, enjoy a variety of fun activities, and enjoy a serene environment with endless opportunities for adventure. It’s time to get your personal party started!