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Things to Do With Family

November 26, 2018

Six Fun Things to Do With Family During All-Inclusive Vacations

Each member of the family has his or her responsibilities to fulfill at home and in the world. Everyone looks forward to vacations as a time to relax, spend time together, and have unique adventures to talk about for years to come. Take family entertainment options up several notches by planning a getaway to the captivating Caribbean! Discover six fun things to do with family during an all-inclusive escape to Viva Wyndham Resorts.

Better Than a Bike Ride Around the Block

It’s a memorable time for the entire family when kids get their first bike. Parents take photos of their proud son or daughter getting ready for the first ride. The next milestone moment is when the training wheels come off the bike, and the kids set off on their own. Biking around the Caribbean is even better than a bike ride around the block. Get together to explore the local parks, trails, and shoreline areas on bikes. Bring some snacks and drinks then hit the road. Discover caverns, wildlife, and hidden nooks that look like nobody ever visited them before.

Feast Your Way Around the World

Delicious dishes are part of the all-inclusive dining experience at Viva Wyndham Resorts. Feast your way around the world at one of the renowned resort restaurants. Choose from buffets, fine dining, and snack bars, depending on your mood. Explore regional flavors with the authentic taste of the Caribbean. Nibble on familiar favorites you enjoy at home. Try cuisine from around the globe, including Italian, Asian, and more, prepared by world-class chefs. And the adults can sip unlimited wine, beer, and craft cocktails until they say when!

Dive Into the Depths of the Ocean

Underwater adventures await your family when they dive into the depths of the ocean. Feel confident after taking an introductory diving lesson at Viva Wyndham Resorts. Swim with the colorful tropical fishes. Observe the whole new world that exists under the sea. Feel like going beyond the surface? Viva Diving takes you down the depths with a variety of diving courses and excursions to earn the PADI certification. Take advantage of packages designed for the needs of the amateur as well as experienced divers. Dare to go deeper than you’ve ever gone before!

Become a Beach Bum

Sometimes one of the best things to do is nothing at all. After rushing around all year, it feels great to kick back and relax for a while. There’s no specific time to get up and no time clocks to punch during your Caribbean escape. All the eye can see for miles is sandy beaches, sparkling waters, and sunny blue skies. It’s the perfect backdrop to become a beach bum. Grab a lounge chair, a towel, and some sunscreen to spend a day in the sun and surf. Lay back with a cold drink and tasty snack while you soak up the rays. Feel the waves lap at your feet as you ponder the possibilities of swimming, boogie boarding, and diving. Want a change of pace? Hang out by the freshwater swimming pool instead. No matter what you choose, it’s a work-free zone where the top priority is fun in the sun!

Celebrate Your Inner Athlete

Some families are athletic enthusiasts who spend their free time playing and watching sports. Others view sports as an occasional hobby. Either way, Viva Wyndham Resorts give you the perfect opportunity to celebrate your inner athlete! Head to the shore for beach volleyball, soccer, and paddle boarding. Travel to private corners of the Caribbean in a kayak. Play ping pong, shoot hoops and enjoy a few sets of tennis. Workout at the gym and take dance lessons. Or consider a ride on the flying trapeze! The sky is the limit during your action-packed getaway.

Experience Family Entertainment At Its Finest

Experience family entertainment at its finest at Viva Wyndham Resorts in irresistible destinations such as the Bahamas, Dominican Republic, and Mexico. Visit the resort amphitheater for a show. Enjoy live entertainment throughout your stay. Attend thematic dinners and parties. Watch sporting events on large, flat-screen televisions. The children can appreciate an array of crafts and activities at the daily Kids Club while the grown-ups sip cocktails by the pool or beach. After the sun goes down, the night comes alive with dancing, food, and drinks. There’s something wonderful for everyone to do during your all-inclusive family vacation!

These are just six of the many fun things to do with family during your all-inclusive vacation.