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Recall each time you feel tired of traffic jams and long supermarket lines? Admit it, you longed to find yourself on a deserted beach at these moments.

Grand Bahama Island, the northernmost island of the Bahamian archipelago, has 33 beaches, some of which are absolutely deserted.

The Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach  is located on a beach that does not border on other hotels.

From there you can walk to Banana Bay (and now there are two).

But today we wish to propose a beach that you will easily find on Google: Crabbing Bay. We recommend you rent a jeep (remember to drive on the left) and head east. Your destination will be 60 miles from Freeport.

Along the way, you can’t miss Pelican Point, where colorful houses give way to a long, semi-desert beach. At Pelican Point you can also stop for lunch and enjoy the typical dish of the Bahamas, the snail. Snails are mollusks that live in large shells that, once polished, can be found in one of the food stalls: they are eaten raw, in strips, marinated in salads, or breaded. They are really tasty.

Making your way by car you will arrive at Mc Lean’s Town, a settlement where time, if it has not stopped, it has certainly slowed down … From there, follow the signs to Crabbing Bay, an essential place to visit. Swim, take in fresh air, be happy and… posting images on Instagram is not important!


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