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FUN: Viva Team, your Friends Forever

The Caribbean landscapes are magnificent, we have no doubt about this, but when it comes to traveling, the human component is equally important, the relationship with others, the way we communicate and share.

For us, our staff has always been a key element.

Our all-inclusive offer includes unlimited cocktails and drinks, but if these are served with a smile or if someone knows all your tastes, everything is suddenly tastier.

It’s wonderful x 6

It is wonderful to have a snack in the afternoon or at midnight, but if it is followed by a joke, it tastes better.

The sense of independence is wonderful, but knowing that you can have staff who speak your language if you want to book an excursion or an a la carte restaurant, makes you feel like you are at home.

It’s wonderful to find the perfect gear to play your favorite sport, but if someone helps you experience a new activity, they offer you a unique opportunity to become invincible.

It’s wonderful to attend a show at the theater, but when it comes to an original production, with carefully selected choreography, décor and costumes, it elicits an extra round of applause.

It is wonderful to sunbathe on the beach loungers, but if someone comes once in a while to offer you a tropical juice, everything is even more enjoyable.

It is wonderful to relax and photograph the sunsets, but if someone gives you a massage and attentively “listens ” to your body with kindness, its well-being lasts longer.

It is simply wonderful for someone to take your suitcase to your room, call you a taxi, reserve the tennis court for you, teach you to move to the rhythm of salsa, make you laugh like you haven’t done in a long time.

It is for this reason our animation staff is called your “Friends Forever” and it is not just a logo.

The people who are part of the Viva Team are not just working; They are authentic and they seriously care about making you feel great. At every moment of your vacation.


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