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If you think Playa del Carmen is a tourist invention, you are wrong, you have to go back in time, very, very far back… the Mayans called it Xaman Há, which translated means Water from the North. Pilgrimages by boat departed from here to the sanctuary of Ixchel, goddess of fertility, on the nearby island of Cozumel.

Xaman Há was also a crucial hub along the Mayan trade route, which stretched from Veracruz, Mexico, to Honduras. It was protected by walls, of which some remains can be seen in the vicinity of Playacar.

The first settlement after the colonization of the Americas by the Spanish dates back to the beginning of the 20th century; fishermen and growers of coconut palms and rubber trees gave rise to a town, which until the early 1990s had barely 1,500 inhabitants. From that date development, thanks to tourism, became unstoppable; What was once a fishing village has become a prosperous city with tens of thousands of inhabitants and a constant flow of international visitors.

“Playa” enthralls visitors with its Fifth Avenue, the kilometer-long pedestrian promenade, full of shops, restaurants and clubs, from pubs with live music to nightclubs.

You will find the Viva Wyndham Maya half an hour on foot (either along the pedestrian paths or from the beach) or five minutes by taxi, and the Viva Wyndham Azteca

Located on a long expanse of sand and bathed by the Caribbean Sea, Maya is an exuberant resort that provides young people and families many entertainment options; from the regulation trapeze to the stage with eight mega screens, from fitness lessons to challenging tournaments. Azteca, on the other hand, offers you a more intimate atmosphere, much appreciated by couples. It has recently undergone a major renovation, which has renewed and enhanced its particular architecture.

Renovations are one of the strengths of these resorts, in terms of variety of cuisine, quality of preparation and service, general atmosphere of the restaurants. Good food is one of the pleasures of life, an experience enhanced when you vacation with us.


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