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SPORTS AND EXCITEMENT: The deep seas of the Bahamas are a diver’s paradise

The Bahamas is a top destination for divers. The seabed, the Blue Holes, the freshwater caves, as well as the large number of dolphins and sharks make The Bahamas a unique destination. This is where Viva Diving offers a new and exclusive experience and allows you to go sailing directly from Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach.

All the dive sites along the coast of Port Lucaya are inhabited by sea turtles, horse eye trevally, tarpon, green moray eels and sea eagles. You can also find stingrays, nurse sharks, bull sharks and whale sharks during the winter months.


The following dive sites are in The Bahamas:

Anchor Aweigh Angel’s Camp, Ann’s Paradise, Arrow Point, Ben’s Blue Hole, Blackbeard’s,

Blackbeard’s Castle, Blackbeard’s Springs, Blair House 1, Blair House 2,

Caves 1, Caves 2, East Ann’s Paradise, East Reef Caribe, Edge of the Ledge, Fishfarm, Gale’s

Grojo, Lady of Lucaya, Littlehale’s Lair, Lucayan Ridge, Moray Manor 1, Moray Manor 2,

Octopussy Garden, Picasso’s Gallery, Pillar Castle, Plate Reef, Pygmy Caves, Rainbow Reef, Reef Caribe, Rose Garden, Roundabout, Seahunt, SPID City, Treasure Reef, West Ann’s Paradise.


If you love diving among shipwrecks you will find:

Etheridge Wreck, Jose’s Wreck, Papa Doc Wreck, Pretender Wreck, Theo’s Wreck, and Ugly Ducking Wreck.

Also, on Grand Bahama Island, only Viva Diving takes you to close encounters with sharks. Experience an exciting close encounter with Caribbean sharks, better known as gray sharks, by embarking on a 15-minute catamaran trip from the hotel. A colony of these sharks lives at a depth of about 15 meters. We dive assisted by expert instructors several times a week; an open water diving certification is sufficient.

For divers with Advanced certification, diving with Tiger Sharks and Lemon Sharks is an adrenaline-inducing activity! Departing from the West End, we sail for about two hours in the direction of the Florida Canal; in the open sea we find an only 7-10 meters deep, where these wonderful animals swim.

Viva Diving, on Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach, offers guests the full range of PADI courses, as well as instructor license and many types of dives. Dives can be purchased individually or in incredibly attractive packages. You will also have the opportunity to do 3 snorkeling excursions.Excursions are performed with tanks, including Nitrox, however there is someone who has experienced the depths of the Bahamas in apnoea. Francisco Ferrera Rodríguez, alias “Pipin“, was born in Cuba in 1962 and broke more than 42 freediving world records throughout his career. He descended -125 meters on Grand Bahama Island in 1993 in 2 minutes and 9 seconds! It has been an honor for us at Viva to support him and his company.


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