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We consider responsible tourism an essential value, based on the pillars of environment, education & health and support for local communities.


We carry out concrete commitments based on solutions that are sustainable in the long term. We have been pioneers in the Dominican Republic’s hospitality sector, installing photovoltaic panels at Viva Wyndham V Samaná, capable of generating over 68% of the hotel’s energy needs, achieving a record of producing clean energy and reducing CO2 emissions which contribute to global warming. The operation was a launching pad then extended to the other hotels in the portfolio in the Dominican Republic: as of 31 October the production of the photovoltaic systems of V Samaná, V Heavens and Dominicus Beach exceeded 3 million kWh. According to the meters installed in the three hotels, we have avoided the emission of 1,993 tons of CO2 into the environment.

Some of our actions include:

  • Solar panels for water heating in hotels in the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas.
  • Use of natural gas in the Viva Wyndham Dominicus Beach & Palace properties – the first facilities in the Dominican Republic – to power the kitchens, boilers and dryers of the laundries, reducing CO2 emissions.
  • Elimination of plastic straws in all resorts.
  • Reduction of disposable plastic devices in all resorts.
  • Collaboration with the University of Indiana supporting research on the terrestrial and marine environment of Bayahibe, La Romana.
  • Installation and care of coral nurseries in Bayahibe, La Romana, for the repair and restocking of the coral reef. The technique that reconstructs and rehabilitates damaged corals is a vital component for the conservation of the marine habitat.
  • Constant cleaning of beaches and reforestation in all destinations of the chain.
  • Purification of waste water.
  • Recycling.


  • Creation of a Public School in Villa Hermosa, La Romana, under the name Fundacion Viva de Colores Foundation; since 2014, over 400 students between 4 and 10 have been able to attend school.
  • Sponsorship of various programs together with INFOTEP, the National Institute for Technical Professional Training, including internships in structures and contributions to post-diploma programs in local and international universities.
  • In Las Terrenas, provision of new musical instruments to the band and to the music school for children and adults.

* At Padre Nuestro, creation of infrastructures and a community center, declaration of a Protected Area and relocation of 265 families who, with their unhealthy lifestyles, were contaminating the Bayahibe aqueduct.

  • Partnership with the UNICEF protection program for the prevention and protection of adolescents who have suffered violence and exploitation. Sensitization in communities to prevent and report risky situations, through the creation of contact persons.
  • Economic support to local hospitals, orphanages and retirement homes in Bayahibe, La Romana.
  • Collaboration with the Dominican Rehabilitation Association, a non-profit organization that provides integral rehabilitation to people with physical and mental discomfort.


  • Procurement from ethically responsible local suppliers.
  • Competition for paving and street cleaning.
  • Help in rebuilding schools.
  • Sponsorship of local sports teams.


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