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COVID-19 Update

May 5, 2020


Dear Partners and Friends.

On this occasion, I wish to write to you personally.

We have been with you since that distant April 9, 1989 when Dominicus Beach first opened its doors with 60 bungalows on the most beautiful beach of the Dominican Republic.

Time has passed and the hotels are now eight, the rooms are 3,000 and we are present in three nations. During the years, we have faced many challenges, from natural disasters to current crisis, but we always overcome.

We come out with renewed momentum and more experience on our shoulders. For 12,015 days, our hotel chain has remained open, without interruption. This new situation has moved us like everyone else, useless to say it has not. For me, for us, it is unreal to see resorts without guests; I could have never imagined it. However, we do not stand still waiting.

We are investing this time to improve the infrastructures, starting in Bayahibe, where our adventure began. We are carrying out extraordinary maintenance works and renovating the furniture of some accommodations.

Additionally, we‘re preparing new protocols for what your holidays will be: distances on the beach, in pools, in restaurants, bars and theaters. We are training to disinfect rooms following the appropriate protocols, preparing and updating our personnel on all procedures that we can implement to ensure everyone’s safety.

We are confident and optimistic, comforted by the many messages you send us and by the positive thoughts you have for us. Our business passion intertwines with that of making you feel good. I write to you from wonderful places, where nature expresses its best and invites you to celebrate with gratitude. Now we are slowed down and health is everyone’s priority, but I cannot wait to welcome you again and share with you the beauty of the Caribbean and the joy that characterizes us.


May 5 2020

Our global community is developing through challenging times, but we are all in this together and we will overcome with renewed momentum and more experience on our shoulders.

Viva Wyndham Resorts is undergoing preparations to guarantee the health and hygiene standards of our customers and employees with a meticulous COVID-19 response plan, which has been shaped utilizing the guidelines and recommendations of various trustworthy sources, such as the World Health Organization, local health departments, and Cristal International Standards (CIS). Cristal Standards is a UK based company and global leaders in systems and services for brand quality, standards management and related risk management. It employs one of the largest groups of quality, hygiene and health & safety experts in the world and boasts more than two decades in the field.

The company offers POSI-Check, an audit solution for the Prevention of the Spread of Infection in the Hospitality Sector, under which our resorts will be certified. We want our guests and staff to feel secure in every possible way.

Reason why we have adopted the implementation of all necessary measures for the reopening of our resorts, included under the POSI Check protocol below:

· Establishment of a management commitment and the creation of a control team, to guarantee prevention measures and proper response to a potential infectious incident.

· Foundation of an infection control risk assessment, in order to implement measures control. 

· Establish personnel safety procedure and staff training, in order to protect them and prevent the spread of infection. 

· Promote respiratory hygiene and hand hygiene with staff and throughout the resorts with cleaning stations, washing instructions, equipment and signage. 

· Establish a cleaning plan to maximize ease and efficiency while elevating the frequency of high contact surfaces and public areas with hospital-grade disinfectant. 

· Endorse emergency cleaning practices that assure that, in the event of an incident, these are efficient and safe. 

· Safeguard protocols for general and intensified cleaning at all facilities, including the gym, spa, children’s club and recreational areas. 

· High frequency cleaning of our food and beverage outlets according to food safety recommendations. 

· Inculcate the concept of safe distance. 

· Confirm that all ventilation systems are maintained and cleaned to prevent the development or spread of the infection. · Control pool decontamination with best practices procedures. 

· Establish clear and effective procedures in the event of an outbreak, including management of symptomatic guests, including isolation, separation and services support. 

Due to the current situation and the response from the government and health authorities, these policies are constantly developing. We will continue to update these if necessary or applicable to our protocols and procedures.

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Our cancellation policy has been further extended in order to offer our guests more flexibility on their upcoming reservations.

We are allowing changes or cancellations without charge for guests with existing reservations for any future arrival date as long as the change or cancellation is made by May 31, 2020. Kindly note that any changes to existing reservations will be subject to availability and applicable rate differences.

For guests that need to cancel reservations booked via a third-party, please contact the travel professional that made the original reservation to reschedule
your trip.

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