CULTURE: Discovering the only Mayan city near the sea

Viva Wyndham Resorts

Did you know that Tulum is the only Mayan city built close to the seaside?

We offer you the opportunity to discover it with a 35% discount.

During February and March, we offer you this experience at a reduced price. Gem of the Yucatan, Tulum dates back to 1200 and rises sheer over the sea. In its archeological finds, mainly with the renowned Castillo, you can see the deep colors of the Caribbean Sea and the palms that border the talc-like sand.

Recently, right in Tulum, there has been an interesting major scientific discovery: after 14 years of research and 10 months of diving, a group of scuba divers and speleologists discovered the longest underwater cave in the world, with over 200 miles!

The study of underwater tunnels connected with each other and groundwater cenotes will reveal new details about rituals and uses of big prehispanic settlements in Mexico.

The underwater connection was officially opened on January 10th and it is now a channel leading to scientific explorations: water analysis, study of the biodiversity of tunnels, detailed mapping of underwater archeological sites, systems of underwater caves in Tulum’s area.

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