IN ANOTHER DIMENSION: underwater, in Freeport or Bayahibe

Viva Wyndham Resorts

Change perspective and dive into the depths of the Bahamas or the southern coast of the Dominican Republic: you will certainly have a great time!

At both Viva Diving centers you can use Nitrox tanks, in which the gas mixture contains a much higher concentration of nitrogen than oxygen. This gives you the opportunity to stay underwater longer and to feel less tired once you get back to the surface.

Viva Diving in Bayahibe

All the dive sites near Viva Wyndham Dominicus Beach and Palace are the habitat of angelfish, butterflyfish and all the colorful fish species that can be found in the Caribbean Sea, along with brain corals, alcyonaria and gorgonians. Encounters with sea turtles, horse eye jacks, atlantic tarpons, green and chain moray eels, common eagle rays and nurse sharks are also frequent.

 In Saona island, inside the national park, the coral and sponge reef formations are spectacular. The variety of marine flora and fauna is extraordinary, with many groupers, black jack fish and barracudas. You can also have a glimpse of eagle rays, green and chain moray eels and whale sharks. Encounters with striped groupers and other shark species as the blacktip reef shark and the bull shark are less frequent, but not impossible, especially during winter months. From November thru March, water temperature is between 77 and 80°F; medium visibility ranges from 60 to 100 ft.

Viva Diving in Freeport

The Bahamas are one of the favorite destinations for diving lovers. The seabed, the Blu Holes, the freshwater caves and countless dolphins make this a unique destination. From Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach in Grand Bahama Island, we will take you to Peterson Cay, Theo’s Wreck and… to meet the sharks.

Diving with tiger sharks and lemon sharks is an exciting activity: no one on the island apart from Viva Diving offers this opportunity! Departing from West End you will sail for about two hours towards the Florida Canal; in the open sea there is a shallow area only 23-33 ft deep where these marvelous animals swim. The Advanced certification is required for this activity.

It is also possible to experience the exciting encounter with the Caribbean reef sharks, the grey sharks. Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach organizes this excursion comfortably leaving from the resort, aboard a catamaran. The journey takes only 15 minutes. A shiver of these sharks lives at a 50 ft depth. You will dive several times a week assisted by expert instructors. The Open certification is valid for this dive.