IN THE PRISTINE NATURE: Viva Life protects it

Viva Wyndham Resorts

Choose intercontinental flights to delight in the beauty of nature. It’s important that this beauty remains intact for future generations.

Viva Wyndham Resorts protects and cares for the environment seriously. Our Best Practices involve ENERGY RESOURCES and WASTE MANAGEMENT, especially.

We have installed solar panels at our resorts in Dominican Republic and in the Bahamas: 6 out of 8 hotels have solar energy solutions. Furthermore, we have a large photovoltaic project in Samaná that has avoided 710.162 Kg of CO2 emissions in the past three years and has produced over 1 million kWh! V Samaná is a source of clean energy, contributing towards the protection of the environment and as a result, the impact on global warming.

We are constantly reducing single use and non-recyclable waste and we declared war on plastic waste: starting September 1st we banned plastic straws at all our resorts, offering a biodegradable option, upon request.

Paper, glass, aluminum, toners, batteries, oil and coffee residues, among others, are recycled at Viva Wyndham Resorts.

Our food and consumer goods suppliers are primarily chosen with proven social and environmental ethics. We prefer local products over imported ones and we don’t purchase fish species during their reproduction periods.

We have a training and awareness project for our staff which includes specific measures to reduce environmental impact, including energy efficiency, avoiding the use of chemicals in different areas of the resort, classifying and reducing waste, etc.  As a result, the staff becomes ambassadors of good practices in the hotels and in their communities.

What can you do? When you visit us, make sure to review our Viva Life program where you can learn more about our commitment and preventive measures.  We have an in-room TV channel with details on the many ways you can help, starting by choosing the frequency in which we wash your towels and sheets, the correct way to dispose of cigarettes and much more.  Don’t forget to give us your valuable advice: we will be grateful and the environment will be too!

Viva Life