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Samana Humpback Whale Watching Tour

Every winter humpback whales migrate from the North Atlantic to the Samana Peninsula to give birth and mate. This amazing ritual can be seen between January 15 through March 15 (may vary). Measuring 12 meters and weighing up to 40 tons, these humpback whales offer visitors an unforgettable display.

A must-see tour. Listen to the powerful puff coming out of this mammal’s blowhole as it emerges from the bottom of the sea. You will be able to observe the male humpback whales frolic and perform all sorts of antics as they vie for the affection of the females just scant meters away from our boat. Experience the thrill of watching newborn whale calves alongside their mothers as they are being cared for and played with.

An experienced marine mammal guide will offer tips on how to observe and interpret their every movement.

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