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Los Haitises National Park Tour + Cayo Levantado

Having visited its 3 main caves, taking a tour right up to the end of 2 different mangroves and watched the birds, we will enjoy a refreshing beverage on the beach, which also is where the park rangers live.

The can’t-miss tour of the Samana Peninsula: a visit to Los Haitises National Park, once a place of refuge to the Taino Indians who sought shelter in its caves at the beginning of the 16th Century. Its grottos still preserve original Taino pictographs.

The most beautiful park in the country, thousands of birds flock its highly-varied plant life. Herons, pelicans, frigate birds, swallows, vultures, among other bird species abound throughout this expanse.

The stillness of its mangrove is breathtaking. Listen to the singing of the birds; it’s an authentic paradise!

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