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About Grand Bahama

Grand Bahama is the fourth largest island of the Bahamas. In its territory, visitors can enjoy endless attractions that range from submarine caverns to lovely fishermen villages that welcome the people who visit.
This is Freeport, which became a very active city filled with restaurants and eco-friendly attractions, beginning in the 50s; that, along with its already famous handicraft markets, are the main connecting point for tourists. Also, it’s one of the entry ports of the Bahamas because it’s home to one of the international airports (FPO) of the community with regular flights daily.

Quick Facts

  • 13 miles from Freeport International Airport
  • 12 miles from downtown Freeport
  • 4 miles from the resort town of PortLucaya
  • Official language: English
  • Currency: Bahamian Dollar
  • Climate: temperature generally varies de 19 °C a 31 °C


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