MEXICO: Have you heard about XCaret and Xel-Há Adventure Parks?

Viva Wyndham Resorts

Xcaret, voted the best park in the world in 2016 and 2017, offers 50 unique experiences, of which 39 are included in the price of the admission ticket.

You can dive in three underground rivers (Azul River, Manati River and Maya River) or in natural freshwater pools, go snorkeling and be in awe of sea turtles, sharks and dolphins.

Walk across a tropical jungle trail, take a glimpse at archeological finds, Mayan caves and Mexico’s Popular Art Museum.

You will discover flamencos, deer, an array of colorful bird species, butterflies, newly born foals, pumas and bushmasters.

You will have the opportunity of participating in workshops to convert cocoa into chocolate, attend harp concerts and Mayan folk dances.

Additionally, you can climb a gyratory panoramic tower and post your most breathtaking pictures in real time, thanks to the park’s complimentary Wi-Fi.

Xel-Há, further south to Playacar, it’s more than an archeological site, it’s a universe dedicated to ecology and the endemic fauna and flora protection. Its name means “origin of water” or “where water is born”.

In prehispanic times, the site was used by the Mayas as a port and was a focal point for merchandise traffic in the Caribbean Sea.

Legend says Xel-Há was created by the Mayan gods, who combined love and wisdom to give life to one of the most marvelous corners on Earth, making parrot fish and iguanas their guardians.

It’s a beautiful experience to swim inside a natural aquarium where the ocean joins the underground  river and freshwater lagoons, snorkel between schools of colorful fish, venture into the jungle and find sacred cenotes, riding a bicycle through the lush nature and afterwards enjoy a soothing siesta in the hammocks.

You will be able to book excursions to these magnificent places from our resorts in the Riviera Maya, Viva Wyndham Maya and Viva Wyndham Azteca