MEXICO: what about celebrating a symbolic pre-Hispanic marriage?

Viva Wyndham Resorts

Among the wedding rites we organize at our resorts, the pre-Hispanic one is the only one without legal value. Regardless, we consider it a very emotional ceremony and think it could also be a great option to celebrate a special anniversary.

We organize the ceremony at Viva Wyndham Maya and Viva Wyndham Azteca. For further information and costs, please contact events@vivaresorts.com

To celebrate the pre-Hispanic Maya ceremony, the presence of a Chaman (Mayan minister) is necessary to seal the union of the couple. The chaman is appointed by the members of the community for being experts in sacred rituals.

The ritual consists of several steps. First, the participants state their Mutual Acceptance, which refers to their freedom of consecrating the union and their will to undertake a path of love, dignity, respect, consideration and tolerance, avoiding selfishness which limits the ability to love, grow and benefit from each other.

Next, the Purification step follows with a chalice symbolizing and recalling the mystery of the Mayan period. During the Offer step, the couple raises the prayer to the gods to be blessed. The rite ends with the Blessing of the union of the couple.

The ceremony has a transcendental atmosphere where family and friends are called to share the unforgettable experience for all. The figure of the chaman conveys an energy flow, creating a sort of mystical connection between the couple and the elements of the universe.