STRESSED: you need a special massage

Viva Wyndham Resorts

At most Viva Wyndham Resorts there is a Spa at your disposal.

Check the following ideas… to recharge your batteries!


Coconut Whispers Spa at V Samaná

Sueño Flotante Therapy (exclusive therapy of this Spa only)

An ancestral therapy which leads to a feeling of peace and harmony. It starts with a mixture of eucalyptus and natural herbal gel to cleanse pores of toxins. Enjoy the aroma of incense and medical herbs while you gently dangle in a hammock, facilitating the reconciliation with yourself. Then, the acupressure massage stimulates head’s pressure points, inducing deep relaxation. The therapy ends with a gentle foot massage on the shoulders, according to a traditional technique of the ancestral medicine, which operates by stimulating blood flow and muscle relaxation.


Metamorphosis Spa at Viva Wyndham Dominicus Palace

Caribbean Vitamin Cocktail

This vitamin cocktail is not a traditional drink but one to be absorbed by the skin. The exotic goods of the Caribbean provide a full-body treatment that includes cleansing, exfoliation and the application of a rich fruit-based mask.

Natural vitamins protect against skin aging, excessive sunlight exposure and promote cell regeneration.


Kelive Spa at Viva Wyndham Tangerine

Coco Caribe

A steam bath will open your pores, simplifying the exfoliation of dead cells of the whole body with an oats-and-honey-based mixture.

Following the peeling, the cream is removed under the Vichy shower.  Now the softened skin is ready for a coconut oil massage, with super-nourishing properties.


Renova Spa at Viva Wyndham Maya

Renova Combination Massage

With this combination of various massaging techniques, you will experience a set of sensations; the Shiatsu ritual will open your energy centers with the rhythmic movements of the therapists on the musculature. Following, you will benefit from multiple massage techniques, from deep tissue massage to the gentle Swedish massage, from Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi to reflexology. A kind of World Tour selected by Renova, a unique experience which balances energy flows and peace of mind, relieves muscular tension and promotes deep relaxation.