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Guests staying at paradise at Viva Wyndham Tangerine, on the northern Atlantic coastline of the Dominican Republic, have the chance of discovering the country from a different perspective. Explore the enchantment of the Dominican Republic thanks to our versatile excursion packages which invite you to journey outside the resort and not be bound by its four walls.

Alongside our friendly and knowledgeable tour guides, you will discover new places and be marveled by the richness of the Dominican culture, the land first colonized by Christopher Columbus when he settled the New World. Book your excursion at the Guest Services counter and discover the hidden treasures of our island.

Excursions are not included as part of our all-inclusive vacation package, but are highly recommended so guests can better appreciate the country.

Many of the excursions offered at Viva Wyndham Tangerine take our guests through the history of the northern coastline of the country. Some of the excursions you can embark on include:


Jeep Safari

An all-time favorite. As you embark on this journey, you are set to leave the comforts on the hilltop of your hotel and venture out to discover the marvelous landscapes and get a real taste of this marvelous country. Roam across rural areas as you make your way through the splendor of the Dominican Republic. After enjoying a typical Dominican lunch you will continue down your path and interact with its ever-changing natural beauty until you reach the cascades at Damajagua. Take the opportunity to submerge yourself in this fresh water river and marvel as you explore seven of its more than twenty-seven impressive cascades. Price for 7 Damajagua Falls $55US + $8US for the entrance. Price for 12 Damajagua falls $70US


Puerto Plata City Tours and the Cable Car

 A tour that should not be missed during your stay in Puerto Plata. We will pick you up in the morning at your hotel. You will visit Fort San Felipe, which was built when the town was first founded. Journey into downtown Puerto Plata, to explorer Central Park and surrounding souvenirs shops. You will visit the bottling plant of the Brugal Rum Factory, one of the oldest brands of Rum in the Dominican Republic. This is an excellent opportunity, to taste the Rum and possibly purchase Rum at a discount price. This tour also features a visit to the Amber Museum, a gracious colonial mansion located in downtown Puerto Plata.At the foot of Isabel de Torres Mountain, we will take a ride aboard the cable car up to the top of Mountain. Enjoy the beautiful panoramic oceanic view and surrounding areas of Puerto Plata. Walk thought the floral gardens found at the top. Time for pictures. After the visit of the park, we will return to our hotel.


Paradise Island

Paradise Island is a sand banal unique in the Dominican Republic.We will travel from Puerto Plata through green hills, mountains, tobacco and rice plantations and a dessert like vegetation. We will arrive to Punta Rusia to take a speedboat to Paradise Island. There are guided snorkeling tours around the island. On retuning to shore from the Island we will take you through the Mangroves the National Park with its unique fauna and wildlife. Lunch will be waiting for us at the typical restaurant at Punta Russia beach.